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is it safe for heart patients to use neobax


None of the ingredients in this neobax would seem to be useful as an herbal sex tonic as it claims. The only ingredient that concerns me is cinnabar, which is the ore source of mercury. Mercury and the ore, cinnabar, are highly toxic. Why you would want to ingest either of these materials is beyond me. Neither will enhance you sexually, but they very well might kill you.

Just for your information, the other ingredients of this neobax are:
Myristica Fragrans (which is nutmeg and mace), Amber (which is petrified tree sap), Cinnabar, Kasturi (I have no idea what this stuff is), Gum Acacia Arabica (a thickening polymer), Carophyllus Aromaticus (which is clove or clove oil), Cinnabar (oxidised and processed), Saffron (a very expensive and delicious spice made from the stamens of a crocus flower) and Coral calcium (ground up coral).

Don't waste your money. It's a scam.