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55 yr old white, professional, otherwise healthy female with no infections or chronic conditions, titred negative for HAE, has slightly elevated histamine marker, CBC including WBC and metabolic/lytes remarkable only for mild anemia. Three episodes of dramatic angioedema within past month, but without airway swelling, stridor, hoarseness. Has introduced no new foods. Allergy testing remarkable only for 2 species of dustmite and tree pollen for which remedial measures were undertaken. DC'd ACEI taken for BP control and ASA 81 mg 2 weeks ago.

Onset of angioedema coincided with 2 wk hx of progressive right shoulder and girdle pain. Sed rate pending. On third pulse of prednisone + Zyrtec + Benadryl. Skin has "scalded" appearance + papular rash on legs but no itching. Blood vessels in hands and neck appear dilated. A long shot, but potentially indicative of lymphoma or other developing malignancy?


Hi There,

I know that angioedema is a swelling, similar to hives, but the swelling is beneath the skin rather than on the surface. Do you think that you got this as a side effect from the medication that you were using? I think that this could easily be lymphoma because your swellings are located around your lymph nodes. You have to understand that this is a serious condition that you can’t resolve at home. I think that your doctor needs to see what is causing these reactions and after that you need to get appropriate treatment. I hope that you will get better and that this helped you in any possible way.


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