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Would like to know if there is a cure for orbital pseudotumor

Answered by a doctor

Would like to know more about the diet for orbital pseudotumor. I got diagnosed 6 years ago and have been on prednisone on and off. They have recently bumped me up to 100 mg a day. The bad thing about this is that it has caused me to have very bad joint pain all over. It doesn't help that...

by User avatar mscruz

Audible noise when moving my eyes

Answered by a doctor

This doesn't happen always, but between 5-10 times a week I will hear (or appear to hear) a noise which vaguely sounds like someone quickly ripping a piece of paper or cloth when I move my eyes from one point to another (left to right, up to down, etc). I guess I'm just trying to figure out is this...

by User avatar myklj99999786

I had cataract surgery, but still having headaches and some mysterious formations in my eyes

When questioning the eye doctor about the mysterious formations in my eyes, he stated it was the gel coming off the back of my eye and it would disappear naturally after 2 years, well it has been 7 years now, and they are still there, I have had cataract surgery 5 years ago, it did not take and the...

by User avatar Guest

okay to wear mascara after cataract surgery

Hello! My granny is really crazy. Even though she is 60 and about to have a cataract surgery, she wants to know how soon she will be able to wear mascara after the procedure! Please, help!!! She won’t stop talking about this?

by User avatar Guest

can drug alphagan cause visual dizziness?

can alphagan cause visual dizziness? i woke up to seeing room spin like a merry go round

by User avatar Guest

black spots floating in my vision

Answered by a doctor

I see black spots! Please, help me! Do I have some disease? These black spots appear all of sudden and disappear without any reason. Does anybody know what could I do when black spots floating in my vision? My friend told me that I can not do anything and that will passed away.

by User avatar Guest

Strange feeling in my eye caused by astigmatism

Hello, folks. I have a strange feeling in my eye. I was diagnosed astigmatism previously. I don’t know whether this eye anomaly can cause this strange sensation in my eye. What do you think? I would appreciate if anyone could tell me something more about this. This would mean a lot to me.

by User avatar lamar139281930

what can be the cause of a dry eye with closing of the eyelids?

My husband has dry eye and now his eyes want to close and he can't open them.

by User avatar Guest

Does glaucoma cause pain?

Hi! I’m not sure but I think I have glaucoma. I remember that once I listen about it on TV. They said that it can be very dangerous. I feel severe eye pain and headaches also. I know that I should go to doctor but I don’t have enough time. Can anybody tell me does glaucoma cause pain?

by User avatar sandie141756747

Seeing blue light under headlights, the light is not a halo effect

Hello, for the past few days I have noticed a blue light appearing below newer halogen headlights when I am driving. It is instant and does not matter what time of day or type of visibly on the road. I see it in my mirrors or when staring directly at a vehicles headlights (day and night). ...

by User avatar Pour Judgement354083