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Constant itching and discomfort after cataract surgery

Answered by a doctor

Two days ago I had a cataract surgery. I wasn't expecting that after it I wouldn't feel any pain but I'm not ok. Can anybody who recently had cataract surgery tell me is it normal to fell constant itching and discomfort after it, please? And when will it stop. Thanks!

by User avatar patrice49390

light sensitivity after cataract surgery

Answered by a doctor

About 6 weeks ago I had cataract surgery 2 weeks apart on both eyes. Almost immediately following surgery both eyes became very sensitive to light, esp. sunlight but also .indoor lights. The surgeon claims it is due to dry eyes following surgery. Is this possible? Artifical tears don't help.

by User avatar joanne johnson

why do her eyes water when she uses the bathroom?

Answered by a doctor

i know this is soooo weird, but i have a friend and whenever she goes to the bathroom, her eyes water really bad----- whether she is peeing or pooping, it doesnt matter---i know that sounds nasty, but please dont post stupid answers-------- this has been going on since she was a very small...

by User avatar Guest

No tear ducts

Answered by a doctor

I am a 41 year old female who was born without tear ducts. My eyes constantly water and it is such a hassle. My eyes are always red and everyone thinks I am sad or crying all the time. I once had surgery when I was about 6 or 7 years old and they inserted what they called Jones Tubes into my eye...

by User avatar msrenee22297711

Colloidal silver drops in eye to treat uveitis?

Answered by a doctor

My 14 year old niece has been dealing with anterior uveitis for a/b 2 yrs now.  I have done extensive research on her behalf and feel confident in advising they try dropping bioactive silver hydrosol (colloidal silver) directly into her eye.  She was taken to the emergency room 2 weeks ago and put...

by User avatar Relentless Mom302808

any suggestions for an experienced laser vision correction clinic in Toronto?

Hey, I am an Insurance agent working in Toronto. I just joined two months ago. I am not a person who fits for a 24/7 office job. So I specifically choose this profession. Per day I usually visit more than five clients in different areas of Toronto. I am a person who loves to do such kind of job....

by User avatar blinda

vision problems with cymbalta and effexor

Answered by a doctor

I had been taking effexor (up to 225 mgs) and began having periods of double vision, which became constant within 1-2 weeks. Dr. switched me to cymbalta. After 4-5 weeks, the double vision remains and the opthamologist has prescribed glasses withb prisms in both eyes. Is this side effect a result of...

by User avatar

ring around lights after cataract surgery

Answered by a doctor

My husband recently had cataract surgery on bothe eyes and had the restore lens put in. He has rings around the car lights and street lights when driving... This bothers him.... is this something that is common, does it go away in time... otherwise he is happy with his surgery. He just told me...

by User avatar dsteven347

Small lump in lower right eyelid, skin inside (the part that touches the eyeball) is redder

So i recently noticed a small lump in my lower right eyelid (closer to the inner corner of the eye than the outer corner). its hard and somewhat painful to the touch but the outside skin isnt red. What is red however is the skin behind it which is in contact with the actual eyeball (at least redder...

by User avatar healthadvice3

When can I expect improved vision following a Yag posterior laser capsulotomy?

Hello, I am 54 years old and I had cataract surgery several years ago. But since the eyesight has started to reduce again, doctor said that it is time for Yag posterior laser capsulotomy. When can I expect improvement after this procedure? Actually, why is this operation done in the first place?...

by User avatar flint89062989