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Quit Smoking 6 months ago and now feeling tingling, sudden pain and headaches

its almost 6 months I quit, Iam 40 and smoked more than 4 a day, i smoked from age of 15/16 and due to left shoulder pain in Aug 19, vomit and tightness in chest all of a sudden  thinking its a heart attack and been to doctors who said i been experienced panic attack, from there and...

by User avatar aamirrains

I'm type 1 diabetic and have smoking problems. Will Zyban help me get rid off of it?

hi, I'm 52 years old. type 1 diabetic, drink beer at least 12 can's per week and smoke at least 30 smokes per week. I need advise, will zyban aid my smoking problems. please help

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Urine Nicotine/Cotinine Test for Pre-Employment

I was tobacco free for 90 hours (3 1/2) days before the urine test for cotinine. During those 3 1/2 days: 1) I drank over a gallon of water a day. Also drank a lot of cranberry juice and orange juice. 2) I worked out twice for over a hour and sweated profusely. 3) Ate normal meals. No...

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Cotinine/Nicotine Test in a few days. I haven't picked up a cigarette for over 2 weeks

I quit smoking on 10/25. I haven't picked up a cigarette or been around any smoke. I am about 5'10 about 195 so I am tall if that even matters. I have a screening coming up on 11/08 and I am soooo nervous, can I pass this test, I don't want to compromise it with a bunch of water and cranberry juice....

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10 months smoke free and now feeling bloated and having problems with bowel movements

I have read all the comments and I am having the same problem from 10 months being smoke free. I wonder does all of the people here only feel bloated, or having problems with bowel movements too like thinning of stools?.. I am having this bad bloating and I try to excercise but there are times that...

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Since I quit smoking, I am always nauseous, bloated, jittery, dizzy, all at the same time

Answered by a doctor

Me as well, I was never a heavy smoker, but I have smoked on and off since I was 18 I'm now 43. I also stopped eating junk food because I heard smoking and diabetes with sugar sensitivity are related. Since I quit, I am always nauseous, bloated, jittery, dizzy, all at the same time. I can barely...

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Nicotine withdrawal 6 months ago and having head pressure, breathing problems, anxiety

Wow, I also quit smoking 6 months ago after having a panic attack from no where, there is nothing in this world I have not been through as withdrawal symptoms. Head pressure, breathing problems, muscle soreness, anxiety and negative thoughts, everything. I am happy the intensity has reduced. I have...

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How long after taking a 8mg film can you have nicotine?

I have been told to wait 15 to 20 minutes before smoking a cigarette or vaping after taking a does under tounge. Had anyone else heard this or can verify if this is "true" or not?  Thanks !

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Bloating, nausea and constipation since I stopped smoking 6 months ago

Im 43 and stopped smoking around Christmas....after smoking on and off about 20 years, a pack would last me about 3 days. I was the guy who smoked a little,  then became a chimney when i was drinking. .about a month into it,   im always nauseous, im bloated all the time and burping 4...

by User avatar Matt

I quit smoking and developed asthma, sensitive skin and all kinds of allergies

I quit smoking in 1991 and developed asthma, sensitive skin and all kinds of allergies..chemical, odors, etc....anyway I started smoking again and  everything went away.  I quit smoking again in January 2017 and my allergies and asthma are back and I actually feel worse than I did when I...

by User avatar Susie