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Lump on gums, it appeared by my tooth which was meant for pulling out and has a filling

I have a strange lump appeared by my tooth. This tooth is quite dodgy, it was going to get pulled out but they couldn’t finish and it has a filling. My wisdom tooth has come through beside and it hurts to push on.. any ideas? 

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for how long will I feel pain after tooth extraction? it has been my third week now

for how long can extracted pain last this is my third week since it was removed. pls help

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how can someone cope with Wisdom teeth symptoms (dizziness, headaches, anxiety, etc.)?

Hey guys..for someone who has a lot of the same problems (dizziness, headaches, anxiety, etc), how did you manage it until you got your teeth taken out?  I still have 3 weeks left ;_;

by User avatar Alexa1234

Possible Messed with gum graft during sleep. One of the scabs came loose and I tasted a bit of blood

Today is day 9 after my gum graft surgery. I have done my best to be a model patient and have not had too much pain, and it's been going well. Last night I felt confident enough to go to sleep without my stent in. This morning I woke up to my tongue aggressively messing with my stitches at the donor...

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toothache all the time followed with a bad smell coming from my mouth

hi...Stefan here My teeth are totally smelly and gives bad smell and i am done with it and please help me through it because i am fed up of all this ..... Stefan 

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Can a Tooth Decay result in weight loss?

Is tooth decay can result in weight loss?

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I have 3 tiny cold sores on my mouth and gums are really red and inflamed

has 3 tiny closed sores on mouth, but gums are really red or inflamed

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Shingles went away after tooth extraction, but numbness started under the left rib

Answered by a doctor

I went to the dentist in june she took my tooth out and then the nerves out of the gum than week later shingles they went away numbness stayed under left rib tough to sleep or breath no med the doc put me on work what should i do i am a 56 year old male

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Which one is best for crowded teeth - clear aligner or Invisalign?

I am a bit confused. Which would be better suited for my teeth, and how long will they take to work?

by User avatar Michael Clarke

Tongue piercing

Hey guys i just wanna ask is the white thingy under my tongue around the piercing a normal thing? I had mine pierced 5days ago and i have that under my tongue and above the tongue i have this bump thats like a fleshy looking (happened like 2days ago) and now that bump fleshy looking looks...

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