Hey guys i just wanna ask is the white thingy under my tongue around the piercing a normal thing? I had mine pierced 5days ago and i have that under my tongue and above the tongue i have this bump thats like a fleshy looking (happened like 2days ago) and now that bump fleshy looking looks transparent? Or white? but it still wont get out cuz its like on my tongue you know like even if i tried to remove it, it wont. I wanna know what that is. And i also use the Listerine Ginger And Lemon mouthwash the one that has zero alcohol i wanna use the sea salt and warm water method but i cant find a pure sea salt anywhere so i just used the listerine and also some of my teeth started aching like its really the teeth not the gums and also the gums under my front lower teeth hurts but its mostly that my teeth hurts the one near the canine like teeth