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I am having a pain in my chest and in my lungs with shortness of breath. Possible dog allergy?

I am having a pain in my chest in my lungs. shortness on breath, light headed feel like I am going to pass out. Can it be a allergy to dogs which I have had for years or my wife uses a vapes

by User avatar Guest

Can I get rabies from a Cat's Scratch

I got scratched by my uncles cat and i want to know if i can get rabies with a scratch of a cat

by User avatar Julio

itchy skin from dog saliva? am i allergic?

my dog sometimes licks me and i would have no problem with that except that after a little while, my skin starts to get insanely itchy and i have to scratch it because it is unbearable. i don't know if i'm allergic, my dog has special itching powers or what. i never get a rash but i get really...

by User avatar DaRkFiRe2125

Cat fur feeling in mouth. Have I developed a car allergy?

Answered by a doctor

I have this same problem...for about two weeks now. Have two cats...but have had cats for years with no problems before. Have I developed a cat allergy? Or is it something else? Any anwers/ help please. 

by User avatar Pmb

Son came out negative on pet allergy test

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone! My 8-year-old son has pet allergy ,but his tests came up negative. Anyone ever have this problem? We used to have a dog, but we got rid of her, and he felt so much better! He is getting sick this year in school as his reactions to pet dander have gotten worse. He now gets hives, post...

by User avatar varena345068

Is it weird that my puppy has a little bumps?

is it weird the pulkk the little bumps of my pups

by User avatar LauMal08334194

I was bitten by my own cat on the thumb. 24 hours later there was extreme swelling redness and pain

I was bitten by my own cat on the thumb. 24 hours later there was extreme swelling redness and pain. I went to urgent care, they looked at it, and prescribed 10 days of oral antibiotics augmentan. Three days later went back to urgent care because it was still so swollen and painful. They pricked it...

by User avatar Sophie725331594

Cat allergy predictor of asthma risk

Answered by a doctor

According to new research, more than 50% of all asthma cases in the U.S. are related to allergies. Of this 50%, cat allergy is the most responsible to allergy - related asthmas. Cat allergy was found to be the strongest predictor of asthma risk in 29% of examined asthma cases related to allergies...

by User avatar Natalia3856

Your asthmatic cat may be allergic to you

Answered by a doctor

Who would ever think that we and our life style could trigger asthma attacks in cats? Cigarette smoke, dusty houses, human dandruff, pollen and certain types of cat litters has been shown to create inflammation in cats' airways and worsen asthma. Feline asthma is a common disease, with around...

by User avatar Bobby

home buyer with cat allergies

Hi. I am allergic to cats. Ten minutes in the home of someone with a cat and I get sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes. I am also in the process of buying my first home, but the current residents own two cats and I am concerned that I wont be able to remove the cat dander/allergens. The home has...

by User avatar Guest