According to new research, more than 50% of all asthma cases in the U.S. are related to allergies. Of this 50%, cat allergy is the most responsible to allergy - related asthmas.

Cat allergy was found to be the strongest predictor of asthma risk in 29% of examined asthma cases related to allergies but also allergy to white oak (21%) and fungus Alternaria(21%) are associated with asthma risk.

The result of the study is that people with cat allergies have an increased risk for developing asthma and these people should probably limit their exposure to cats.

However, other studies have shown that exposure to cats early in life may protect children from developing cat allergies.

These findings confirm that our environment has a great part in the development of asthma but what is the cause for other 45% of asthma cases that are not related to allergies should be a new theme for researchers.