I was bitten by my own cat on the thumb. 24 hours later there was extreme swelling redness and pain. I went to urgent care, they looked at it, and prescribed 10 days of oral antibiotics augmentan. Three days later went back to urgent care because it was still so swollen and painful. They pricked it to release some puss but never did a culture. After the 10 days of oral antiobotics swelling and pain still there. Went to primary care and was told immediately to go to ER. Was admitted to the hospital and immediately put on IV Antibiotics. Thumb surgery and culture taken on 3rd day in hospital. Culture came back as typical cat infection...pasterella multi da. And after xray of thumb it was determined that I now have osteomyelitis. The teeth of my cat infected the bone in my thumb. Spent a total of 7 days in the hospital with IVs and had a PICC line put in my arm so that I could get IV antiobotics at home by a home health nurse. I will have home IV antibiotics for another 3 weeks minimum followed by oral antibiotics for another 2-3 weeks. Was told I still may loose some of my thumb. Take cat bites very seriously...especially when in involves the hand. Go to ER immediately.