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I had problem with pneumonia 3 years ago and it is cured, but now having suspicious densities

I lied before I took an chest pa xray in a new hospital near us that they asked if I had a problem in my lungs last time I said no which is absolutely false I had a problem last 3 years I've had an impression on my xray "Pneumonia" but It got cured and now I need it for my school requirements I took...

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Sick grand-daughter, 7 years old. She got flu shot. Should I worry about pneumonia? Bronchitis?

My grand-daughter has been sick since Tuesday. Monday she got a flu shot at school.Tuesday morning got up with a fever of 100 and complaining of a headache. Later that afternoon, developed a cough. Gave her Tylenol and did not send her to school. Tuesday she still had a fever so We went to the...

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Can Pneumonia kill off a kidney transplant?

I just recently got out of the hospital where I was taken by ambulance because I could not breathe and was coughing up blood. It has been a month and I am winded and need oxygen but when I went to dialysis yesterday they said I had a fever and that I still have infection. They don't know if it is...

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Pneumonia or pulled muscle? I am experiencing a light cough for the last couple of days

I had pneumonia in November which started as rib pain Only, no cold or cough. I was in Hospital. 2 weeks and had surgery to have the fluid drained. I also have psoriatic arthritis and am on humira. For a couple of days now I have started experiencing a light cough and and annoying left mid side...

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there is a hazy infiltrates in the left parahilar and paracardiac region on my chest

ther is a hazy infiltrates in the left parahilar and paracardiac region on mychest p\a and the impression is pneumonia left parahilar and paracardiac pulmonary hyperation

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my xray showed pneumonitis but the sputum test was negative. Doctor wants that I take meds

I do my medcal check up,,and my xray result,,pneumonitis vs ptb lul,, and I do sputum test for confirmation,,the result is negative, mtb not detected,,,but my pulmonologist advice to take a medication,, my consern is do I have to take a medicine even do the sputum test is negative,,,   ...

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X-ray showed minimal interval regression of the right lower lobe densities ascribed to pneumonia

It shows minimal interval regression of the right lower lobe densities ascribed to pneumonia. Interval apperance of suspicious densities in the right upper lobe is noted. Suggest apicolordotic view. Rest of the findings are the same.   This is the result of my 2nd xray. Please explain. Im...

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Can I get mycoplasma pneumonia twice? I'm having a cough with yellow phlegm

I would like to know about mycoplasm pneumonia .It can get twice? I was recently treated for pneumonia and discharge at feb 4 (2017) from hospital. I don't have TB . Outpatient appointment days (20 march) , Doctor injected two vaccine for flu and Pneumonia Prevent 13 . Nowadays coughing with yellow...

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night sweats after being treated with antibiotics for pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

have been having night sweats big time after being treated with antibiotics also had thrush gargle and vaginal infection medicine I have been dealing with heavy night sweats for a month what should I do?

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fine linear fibroid vs pneumonitis right upper lobe

Answered by a doctor

what is that b mean fine linear fibroid vs pneumonitis right upper lobe

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