I just recently got out of the hospital where I was taken by ambulance because I could not breathe and was coughing up blood. It has been a month and I am winded and need oxygen but when I went to dialysis yesterday they said I had a fever and that I still have infection. They don't know if it is additional to the pneumonia as I have a suppressed immune system as the transplant docs like to keep me on the meds for 3 months incase the kidney starts to work. But because of my low immune system it seems I am not getting better. When  they discharged me from the hospital they said I was stable but taking longer than they thought to get better. In hospital I had oxygen. No one goes home with oxygen? They were supposed to give me 3 inhalers but they just gave me 4 of the same one which is just a twice a day steroid one that you have to rince your mouth after using.

Has anyone heard of Pneumonia making a kidney stop working?