I was just diagnosed with bronchitis and on the cusp of having walking pneumonia.  (Let's hope it's not Legionnaires Disease, cases of which have recently been reported in NYC.)

I'm 56 and in (otherwise) very good health.  It was very strange:  One day I was working out, strong and seemingly healthy; the very next day I began having flu like symptoms ... and it's now 10 days later and I'm still sick.

I went to one of those emergency care places two times.  One day the PA said she detected "wheezing" on one side of may lungs, two days later another PA took a chest X-ray and said I had inflation on the other side.

Go figure.  But quite aside from the inconsistency, I'm concerned that my condition has persisted for so long.

While most literature says just to rest and take whatever medicine, I've also heard some horror stories, about people (Jim Henson) actually dying.

My instinct is to go to the gym, get some fresh air in my lungs, and flush out the bad from my system.

How dangerous is this?