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Chicago Marathon Part II: The logistical stuff

Answered by a doctor

Ginchy, who's a local and hopefully will be joining us for the festivities, brought up a very good point.....this race books way early since it's so huge so we really need to pick a hotel or hotels and book rooms now if we're even tentatively thinking of going so we don't end up shut out. Here's...

by User avatar Guest

Who is running what in Madison?

Answered by a doctor

Trying to decide what I should do about Madison...What race are you doing and what is your expected pace? I'm trying to decide between 5, 10 and half? But since I'm in no shape to race, it will strictly be a training run for me. Anybody planning on running the 10k at around a 9:00 pace or the...

by User avatar megawill

About TX marathon route

Answered by a doctor

:x :x :x

by User avatar genie

Indy Classic Marathon

Answered by a doctor

Anyone no anything on this? I have checked it out and looks like a decent new marathon in Indianapolis.

by User avatar fast runner

Towpath Marathon this Sunday

Answered by a doctor

Ok, very short notice. I am running the 1/2 marathon of the Marathon. This Sunday!!!

by User avatar Kimba90