Neck lumps Just below the hairline(back of neck) either side undetectable when head is in neutral position. accompanied with chronic mild sore throat. 5 months already. the bumps appeared or I noticed them all of a sudden was about 6 weeks after a high risk sexual partner. I posted diagnostic results for my Ultrasound MRI and Blood tests below. I have seen about 6 Thai doctors and spent over 25000 baht on medical expenses. and have had diagnosis's muscle knots due to stress to Acid reflux I myself believe I have contracted an obscure disease. If you can give me a clear correct diagnosis on resolution I will happily send you $100 thanks for your time. Please do not chime up with you have the exact same condition unless you have a resolution.

Diagnostics received

Ultrasound at Ocipital area:

Asymmetrical increased thickness of muscle bundle at the palpable concerned area of left occipital region, compared to the contralateral demonstrable lymph nodes at concerned gross mass of fluid collection.Normal echo of muscle fiber, subcutaneous fat overlying skinIMPRESSION Asymmetrical thickened bundle at concerned area left occipital region no demonstrable lymphadenopathy.


IMPRESSION:No abnormal massNo significant Cervical lymhadenopaathy-small focal central protrusion of the C3/4 and C5/6 discs as well as small focal right subaticular protrusion of the C6/7 disc; without associated spinal stenosis. cord compression, neural foramina narrowing, or nerve root compression.I Might add ( that the mass may not have been observed because MRI was taken with my head in the neutral position rather than turned to the left)

Blood tests: ANTi EBV VCA IgM Negative, HIV negative WBC 5820 (5000-10000) normal, MCH EDTA El 32.2 pg (26.5-31.2) HIGH, PMN;Neutrophil EDTA Micros 50% (55-75) LOW, Lyhocyte EDTA Micros 44% (20-35) HIGH