It is a fact and recent events have showed us that bioterrorism is no longer a threat but a harsh reality. Everybody remembers the unsolved anthrax mailing cases back in 2001 when five people were killed.

As a reminder, anthrax organisms can cause infection in the skin, gastrointestinal system, or the lungs if rubbed into abraded skin, swallowed, or inhaled as a fine, aerosolized mist.

A few days ago, Derek Brodie, 42, of Asbury Park was arrested and accused of threatening the use of a weapon of mass destruction. He has sent over 200 of the letters to government agencies, media personalities, actors and actresses and businesses. Among the recipients were the US president George Bush, to King Abdullah of Jordan and the Russian Interior Minister, King Abdullah of Jordan and the Russian Interior Minister. All letters included a white sheet of paper with the word "anthrax" written vertically in multi-colored block letters but after the testing, the envelopes were found not to contain anthrax.

Brodie admitted sending the letters after colored pencils, blank envelopes, a hole punch and papers containing the same of some of his addressees were found at his apartment.

He was arrested without an incident and ordered held without bail. He is appointed to the psychiatric evaluation.