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Will Smith and Martin Lawerence are two narcotic cops partnered up in Miami. They get involved with a theft of a large amount of drugs from the PO PO that leads to the death of one of their informants.
Good but predictable story line.
Very funny lines in the movie but the two. They really work well together, kind of like Gibson and Glover, they just do well together.

Police work in the movie is very shoddy and sloppy (no wonder the drugs got stolen or even captured in the first place) Lots of DB (po po speak for dead body) at the account of the police which is definitely not typical but typical for this type of movie I guess.

I rolled my eyes several times at some of their techniques but enjoyed the comedy aspect of the movie.

8 out of 12 bullets in a clip

police work/accuracy
time to reload the clip 0 out of 12


I love the first one. The second has great action the first half then gets weird. There is a formula for action movies. Stick to it.