The hype that surrounds your average movie seems to be overwhelming. There is no way that one can travel about their daily business and not be hit with inundations of various movies that just bury you with advertisement, promotional gimmicks, and hopes for big profits. Man on Fire is a movie that deserves hype, yet received little. The brilliance of Denzel Washington is showcased here fully, as he depicts an aging drifter with various demons who struggles with allowing himself to become humanized. Upon taking an assignment of bodyguarding the daughter of a wealthy Mexican businessman, Washington befriends an adorable young girl named Pita (whose real name escapes me). The genuine affection and beautiful chemistry these two share on screen is incredible. When conflict strikes, Washington's demons arise in a way that is both horrifying and utterly satisfying. He savagely lashes out in a swath of vengeance that almost serendiptiously creates an incredible series of events. In a character with the heart of John Q. but the passion portrayed in Training Day, Washington is at top form here. In my opinion, Denzel at his best beats ANYONE at their best, and this movie his performance is stunningly powerful. You can't help but be impressed by the range that he can show within one character. I would classify Man on Fire as a must see. Missing this one is doing yourself a great disservice.