A film by Dylan Kidd

The movie opens with Roger (Campbell Scott) sitting in a caf with his coworkers and speaking exactly what is on his mind and the topic is women and how destructive women will be to men and a male society. This is interesting stuff and perfectly shows just how far out there Roger is and what his point of view is on life and women. He really believes what he is saying.

After he is dumped by his lover, who happens to be his boss, Roger returns to his office at work and finds his nephew Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) standing there, waiting. With a little bit of prompting, Roger takes Nick out on the town with the intent on teaching Nick about women and to help Nick with his first conquest . What we have is a mixing of Nick s hesitant, nervous innocence with Roger s scorn, confidence, and perhaps even distaste for women as anything but an object to acquire.

Considering what the subject matter is, I did not expect to like this movie very much. I was surprised. The dialogue is sharp, and it is easy to see why this movie was produced, the screenplay must have been a real gem to find. Visually, Roger Dodger is not much to look at, but the performances and the dialogue help it to rise above what it could have been. Roger Dodger also co-stars Isabella Rossellini and Elizabeth Berkley.