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Lake Superior is the world's fourth-largest freshwater lake by volume and a very popular tourist spot. It freezes over completely about once every 20 years. Since the late 1970, the lake has been warming faster than the climate around it, which means that its ice cover could completely disappear by the winter of 2040.

Today, Lake Superior’s summer season starts two weeks earlier than it did some thirty years ago. Summer surface temperatures have increased about 4.5 degrees compared to about a 2.7-degree increase in the region's annual average air temperature.

Researchers from the Minnesota's Large Lakes Observatory and Department of Physics collected data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that have been reading the lake’s temperature on daily basis for the last 102 years as well as air temperature at a hydroelectric plant near Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan.

The researchers reported that the increase in temperatures would lead to less winter ice cover and to more solar radiation of the lake and continued warming. The water levels would also drop as the lake loses a lot of water to evaporation in a winter without ice cover than it does during the summer.


I just stumbled on this old post. I wonder do you think there are any connections with these earthquakes in past period? I think that there are so many different stories that in the end you really don't know what is true and what is a lye. Only the time will show us the real story.