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U.S. regulators approved the first generic rival to Johnson & Johnson's Duragesic pain relief skin patch. Mylan Laboratories Inc. will produce several different strengths of the patch, known generically as the fentanyl transdermal system, and launch the product immediately. Johnson & Johnson's annual sales of the patch total about $1.63 billion.
Mylan, the biggest U.S. maker of generic drugs, had hoped to launch its copycat version last year, but the FDA granted J&J an additional six months of market exclusivity in return for testing the drug's safety and effectiveness in children.
Has anyone had experience using this?


I got an RX yesterday and noticed that the fentanyl in the new patch is solid (the way other patches are). In the old one, there was an actual reservoir in it and it moved around.

I awoke today feeling kind of sweaty and withdrawal-y after applying the new patches 24 hrs ago-- I'm not sure if it works as well. It IS smaller, and I know the old patch's strength was based upon how large of an area the patch covered. I don’t think there is any major development in the drugs. It’s just another change of Band name. Matter is rightly pointed out in a book “With a license to kill” by John Josefson (Now available at Lulu.Com/content/587718 and also at Amazon and Barnes & Noble with ISBN no. 978-1-84753-026-4 ).