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Retin-a is giving me cold sores - anyone else with this experience?

So, started Retin-a about one month back & was expecting nice and clear skin for a change. Yes, my acne did get better. Over the same period in which I have been using this Retin-a I also got two cold sores that really lingered. This was after not having a cold sore one single time for years!...

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Why was I born with two different color eyelashes

Answered by a doctor

I was born with blond eyelashes over my left eye and black eyelashes over my right eye. It is very noticable to me so I avoid mackup as this excentuates the fact that they don't match. I have met many people with different color eyes but never any one else with different color eyelashes. What is a...

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Coconut oil dries out skin?

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone,I'm the natural type — I prefer not to use cosmetics tested on animals, prefer organic, prefer real ingredients, you know the story. After hearing that coconut oil makes a great moisturizer, I bought a tub. My cheeks were dry and flaky before I started using it, and I used a bees wax...

by User avatar bn1980

How to keep the lips soft in the cold winter weather?

Licking of lip in the winter, skin raging is a common thing. This results in the loss of normal lump of the lips. Various types of lipazels, chapsticks, leapglass etc. are available in the market to solve these problems. But how beneficial these lips are? How to keep the lips soft in the cold winter...

by User avatar seoxjoy362901

Is it possible to get rid of under eye hollow at home?

As I have aged, I have started to develop visible, darker and wrinkled under eye hollows. They don't make me feel beautiful to say the least, and I'm not yet prepared to accept them as just a normal part of the aging process. Most sources will mention fillers as the best solution, and even full on...

by User avatar Runner

hair growing out of my nipples ...

I am 26 and have long hairs that grow on the outer edge of my nipples...they seem to get longer and multiply every year....some of the hairs are growing together...I have had this since about 18 ....have always wondered about it ...does any one know is this normal and at some point will it stop?...

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Supplements for healthy hair

Hi, my hair is not as it used to be. It lost all the shine and volume. I guess that my diet is guilty for that. Which supplements can I use for healthy hair?

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slow hair growth

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have a hair problem that is really bothering me. It seems that my hair is growing at a very slow pace. Actually, I am sure that my hair is growing more slowly than it should be, because I compare it to my friend whose hair grows much faster than mine. Could you tell me what are the causes for...

by User avatar vitia42673

wrinkles at 13

Answered by a doctor

Hey guys , I hav a big problem here. I'm 13 and I hav atleast 3 to 4 wrinkles under my eyes!! Yes I do wear makeup , like eyeliner. I used to stretch it down to apply eyeliner for like 2 years. but now I stopped doing dat like 3 months ago ever since I notcied I had wrinkles under my eyes. Now I...

by User avatar OMGitsMegan13134662

Do you match nail polish color on your toes and nails?

Answered by a doctor

Hello girls. Yesterday my boyfriend made a comment about different colors of the nail polish on my toes and nails. I have blue color on my toes and salmon pink on my nails. I usually match the color, but I guess I've been too lazy yesterday, lol. I do change my nails every 3-4 days, but sometimes I...

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