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Why was I born with two different color eyelashes

Answered by a doctor

I was born with blond eyelashes over my left eye and black eyelashes over my right eye. It is very noticable to me so I avoid mackup as this excentuates the fact that they don't match. I have met many people with different color eyes but never any one else with different color eyelashes. What is a...

by User avatar Guest

Please guide to heal damaged skin from chemical peel burns

Answered by a doctor

HelloI just got a chemical peel for the first time five days ago. I was told that it would look fine the next day, but after two days I had redness, peeling, burn-looking skin. My skin is very clearly damaged right now. Please help me with directions on how to heal my damaged skin from chemical peel...

by User avatar Amberlovescats

Is florasil a good idea?

I was told that florasil has a lot of benefits and I am wondering if I should take it. The thing I'm afraid of is if it has any BAD side effects, does anyone know?

by User avatar Veronica87143127

Hair max laser comb side effects?

Hi, I've been eyeing the hair max laser comb to get a fuller head of hair because I have quite thin and dull looking hair. This laser comb sounds like it is easy to use and I am excited to see the results! I do wonder if there are any possible side effects, like, I don't know, off the top of my...

by User avatar SoCalChelle

Just stopped smoking now skin looks awful

I had NOT expected this!!! It has been 2 weeks since I quit. It is still hard. I had expected some weight gain from quitting smoking but had not expected dull looking skin with breakouts, and just like more wrinkly skin basically. It's hard to describe but my skin definitely looks awful and I am...

by User avatar BEAR

i just wanted to know does saline injections work on removing tattoos

Answered by a doctor

i saw some information on another site that said it works and i wanted to check on this site to see if someone every tried saline injections on removing a tattoo.

by User avatar nettie2502146204

Name the creams or medicines that helps in hips enlargement or enhancement.

Name the creams or medicines that helps in hips enlargement or enhancement.

by User avatar Mira baby

My armpit smells awful recently - even after showering

Answered by a doctor

Yeah, not nice. I rub and rub and rub with soap in the shower and I can still smell the sweat residue. Very pungeant. And I have to change my clothes sometimes two, three times a day. And also, it can happen that my clothes come out of the washing machine on 40 degrees and I can still smell the...

by User avatar Guest

Shea butter or coconut oil: What is better for dry skin?

Answered by a doctor

Hi folks! I have very dry skin pretty much all over my body at the moment... no idea what's wrong with me! I've never experienced this before! My normal body lotion isn't working AT ALL any more and may even be making things worse? So I've done some Googling and right now it seems like either...

by User avatar Verochka

PaloVia skin renewing laser vs. Tria age-defying laser

Hi! I have used the PaloVia skin renewing laser for a few years now, in combination with a better skincare routine than I had before. I have overall been very happy with the decreased wrinkles and increased firmness of my skin, but my PaloVia has now died and I am looking for something to...

by User avatar Guest