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cau you get pregnant 2-3 days after your period

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I am 24 yrs and i had sex 2 days after my period. is pregnancy possible?

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i took emergency contraceptive pills n m havin very very lig

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hey...i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend...but took emergency contraceptive pills about one hour after,about ten days later,i am havin my periods but they are very very light....n i generaly have my periods for only 3days...but today is my fifth day,n a little bleedin is still...

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Period 5 days late, home kit result is negative

Hey there, I am new to this website. Really not aware of its process. I read a QA session on Internet so thought of register and ask my query I am 30 year old , 2 year married women. am trying to conceive. Today my periods are 5 days late. I tested pregnency by preganews 2 days before, but it was...

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Unprotected sex after masturbation. What are the chances of her getting pregnant?

I masturbated and after 30 mins without washing penis i start having sex with her and now i am afraid of ll she get pregnant? Plz help me

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Pregnant while had period?

I had a period in Feb. But, I felt pregnant. (This would be my fourth) So, two weeks after my period, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. So, could I have been pregnant while I had my period?

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Can pre-cum impregnate a girl?

Answered by a doctor

I lost my virginity, and i am very disappointed that i did. During the whole course, i was in pain the entire time and his condom broke, he doesnt know if he had pre-cum enter me, but we both know he didnt fully come. It was during the week i was suppose to have my period. Does this mean im at the...

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i think i am pregnant at the age of 14

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hi i am 14 years old my boyfriend is 17 and we sort of had sex but we didnt use a condom but he siad he pulled it out befor he cum but my body dosent feel the same and i feel really scared and i dont no what to say to my mum and dad my mum will be disaponted and y boyfriend dosesnt no yet i think i...

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HELLO,i am a breastfeeding mom of  4 boys ,one girl... ages 4 to 11......i am from Denmark,where the the human body,(  where as it has been condemned ,esp. in so many western non-European countries,) .........INSTEAD IS CELEBRATED.many of us believe for the emotional health of all in our family,in...

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how to tell ur parents????

hey im brittany ! im 14 and ive been pregnent for 3 weeks :-( i havent told any one but my bf he said just to get an aborsion idk if thats how u spell it lol but i kinda wanna keep the baby cuz my best friend had an aborsion and regrets it i no ill love this baby how do i tell my parents befor...

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Can a girl get pregnant 1-5 days after her period????

Answered by a doctor

im 17 and ma girl 15..her period was gone the 10th and we did it the 12th...i didnt use no protections...i really dont know if i came in her or not..right now she b feeling she want to trow up..and she been lasy then ever..her period been 2 days late...can she be pregnant? what would b...

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