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can you get pregnant if you get fingered with some sperm on his finger?

Answered by a doctor

i'm 17 years old and my period is almost a week late and i have sore boobs. usually i get bad cramps before my period, i have been geting them but they arent that bad and then they just go away. i havent had sex but my boyfirend has fingered me. is it possible to get pregnant if he had a little bit...

by User avatar confused....

Sex first time-late period??

Me and my boyfriend had sex two weeks ago (my first time) then last Thursday. Both times with a condom. My stomach hurts this morning and I’ve been super stressed. My period was suppose to start today but hasn’t. What should I do??

by User avatar Guest

Up A Cup llowing five weeks,

Up A Cup llowing five weeks, my bosoms had expanded by about a half size and had come back to its normal position, significantly higher than where it was previously. It's the best cream I've attempted. "Serena sen up feelings "In the event that I surmise that until a couple of months prior I wore...

by User avatar drozupacup4

Have implanon but feel movement in my stomach negative pregnancy test

Answered by a doctor

I got the implanon put in my arm 8 months ago. im feeling kicking in my lower stomach on the left side & i can see my stomach move when i feel the kicks but i took a pregnancy test it was negative what could be going on in my stomach? Has anyone had this problem?

by User avatar patricial1985243707

After missing period how many days to test pregnancy with pcoa

Sir I have PCOD problem since 3years, what is the best time to take pregnancy test with pcos, how many days to test after missing period

by User avatar Kittivenky

Spotting/Brown Discharge and Cramps 1 week before Period

Answered by a doctor

Hello: I have been on Alesse 28 for 4 years and don't recall ever having spotting. I take it the same time everyday and have not missed one. My partner and I had sex May 18th - don't use any other protection but the pill, and my period is due next week Tues or Wed.. I'm still on the active pills...

by User avatar kobee

Could false negative pregnancy test results be from levonorgestrel? (Mirena)

Answered by a doctor

Hello to everyone. I have been having the symptoms of pregnancy, but the four tests I have taken have come up negative. Now I have heard of women becoming pregnant while using Mirena, although it may be a long shot...I just wonder if the hormone released by Mirena could be causing false negatives? I...

by User avatar sunshineleo05135235

First Time Experiencing Painful Breast Soreness PREGNANT?

Hello all, I am new to this, so bare with me. I am a healthy 20 year old female with a 29 regular monthly cycle. I had just ended my period 25th of July and had unprotected intercourse on the 28th and my boyfriend came a lot in me ONCE. We had unprotected sex repeatedly afterwards but have been...

by User avatar Lost

Testicular pain

Last week my right testical began to hurt, mild pain nothing crazy. It lasted for about a day and went away until last night and now it’s in my right and a little in the left. There isn’t a lump or a tumor on my nuts but I’m concerned that I may have something else serious. I’m driving...

by User avatar Guest

almost three months late on period, all negative tests

Answered by a doctor

the last time i had my period was june, i remember ending it like june 23rd. i never got my period for july or august and now september. since my first missed period ive taken like 8 tests and theyre all negative, i even went to the doctor and it came up negative. my breasts arent sore or anything...

by User avatar kb