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Advice please

Got headache and a bit of a temp and my neck  feels weird My Throat is killing me and my body is aching

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we had sex one day before my period was due and now my cycle is late

Me and my bf have sex one day before period and the period lates for one week now.plz tell me is that pregnant or why it is late?

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Morning after pill and Brown Discharge

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I took a morning after pill on the 13th hour after having unprotected sex on the 9th day of my cycle. On the 19th day i had a brown discharge continuing for the two days. Thought the amount of discharge was not very much, i could just see it while wiping off. I am afraid, is it a sign of early...

by User avatar GPVV135771

Dry hump and pregnancy, i didn’t ejaculate but there have to be some pre-cum and her periods is late

We were dry humping and I was naked and she had a thin leggings and i didn’t ejaculate but there have to be some pre-cum and her periods is late.Are there any chance to be pregnant here?please reply and help me.

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Took ipill 1 hour after unprotected sex then took unwanted 72 after 8 days, still haven't got period

Hello Doctor please help,  I have unprotected sex then took ipill within 1/2 hours of unprotected sex  then after 8days we had sex and took i pill within 2 hours at evening. Till now there were no periods since the first pill.. Now after evening the same day at night after about...

by User avatar Tyson

i am in need of an anwser soon

my husband is a diabetic and he has been taking his regular medicines but he takes Cialis to obtain a erection. now my question is how can i get him to release? because we are trying to get pregnant but how can that happen if he doesn't cum in me? it seems like it takes him masturbating while...

by User avatar chrystal2006mcginnis

I had unprotected sex twice in one week and I took plan b but I still don't know if I'm pregnant.

Hi. I'm 18 years old and I had sex with this guy that I hooked up with a few says ago. we had sex twice and both times, we didn't use a condom even though I told him to. I know it's still bad on my part as will. He didn't ejaculate inside of me but I know about precum and everything and it...

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Has anyone had heavy implantation bleeding?

Answered by a doctor

I posted a similar topic to this one as a guest, and I’m not sure how to delete it, so I apologize for the double posting. I am only re-posting because I realized how choppy and long my post was and figured I should make it easier to read. It is still long, for that I apologize, along with some...

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periods 2 weeks late

i kinda had unprotected sex no birth control; is it possible to get pregnant with pre cum and my periods are 2 weeks late! could i be pregnant?

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me and boyfriend had sex for the first time and we used no protection i haven't had my period since

I am 13 years old and have a boyfriend when i was about 11 i got my first period, and it has been inconsistent, so umm kind of recently me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time and we used no protection i haven't had my period since. I am freaking out my period is inconsistent but has never...

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