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had unprotected sex a day after my period stopped, could i get pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

i had my period as always and normal aswell, but i had unprotected sex a day after i ended my period, could i be in the situation of getting pregnant, because i heard something about safe periods, but im not sure what its all about?...please help :-(

by User avatar SWEETNESS

can fingering cause pregnancy?

Answered by a doctor

I and my bf had oral sex two weeks back. He just put his finger insside my vagina and i sucked his penis. I am pretty sure no semen came out. My periods were due on 11th oct. And today its 14th. Ther's still no sign. M getting freaked out coz i have been feeling weak and nauseatic since 2 days. Is...

by User avatar pinky

Can dry sperm get you pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

You're probably going to think im an idiot, but i'm worried. My boyfriend and I were being stupid and i gave him a h-job. He had some of his semen on his hand, but wiped most off on his pants. About 10-15 minutes later we both totally forgot and he fingered me. He is almost positive his finger was...

by User avatar veronica15

is it safe for him to cum inside me while im pregnant

Answered by a doctor

is it safe for him to cum inside me while im pregnant? Will it harm the baby?

by User avatar sweet_chick32005

very simple question. What does female cum look like?

Answered by a doctor

I have a quick question, does a girls cum look like a clearish white discharge!??! I had sex with my boyfriend and afterwards when i went to the bathroom i saw a chunk of clear white discharge i think. it sort of looked like saliva, he told me that it was my cum but i am not sure. i am supppose to...

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My menstruation is 2 weeks delayed.

Answered by a doctor


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late period after having anal sex. I never had vaginal sex before. Any chance of pregnancy?

So I had anal sex and now I'm late but I never had vaginal sex before am I pregnant im 21 years old

by User avatar sam

What could be the reasons for swollen breasts only 9 days af

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I had a full period last month end and my boyfriend and me had sex during the period till one week after period without protection. Suddenly my breasts started to get swelling on the day 9th after the period was finished. They are getting more and more swelling and sore. Nomrally my breasts...

by User avatar indigo


Answered by a doctor

PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS --- the other day me and my gf were in the moment and i was rubbing my penis on her clit. im pretty sure i had precum on the tip and she was wet. i was just rubbing on her clit and then i fingered her, real deep. she is a virgin. she is expected to get her period the 27th,...

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white vaginal discharge suddenly stops what does that mean

Answered by a doctor

So I've been having white discharge it varied the texture and looks from day to day . I recently had sex and we used a condom but it slipped I took next choice 2 step 2 days after and Ella one emergency contraception and since then I've been having this discharge its not like I haven't seen it...

by User avatar worriedgirl95317366