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never had penetrative sex because I cannot stay hard during intercourse

never had penetration sex can jack off but not rase ahard on

by User avatar RAPPID6666

25 and now impotent because of accutane. Has anyone ever recovered from this?

i took 40mg for 3.5 months, i found the erection started to get weak during the treatment. When i finally stopped the treatment, i developed ED and have trouble getting up. Even with erected, it's still very soft and weak( 50% pre-tane). 3 weeks has passed by, it doesnt seem to get any better. I am...

by User avatar accutanesufferer2019

Seeking help on staying hard

In the last week I have been going soft during sex and angrying my girlfriend over it, most of the time I go soft then get hard again in 1-2 mins and can finish the job on both ends. Last few days it has not been going well. I am 26 year old male and she is 21 I feel useless and unhappy at myself....

by User avatar bryan smith206122

What can cure weak erection?

What can cure weak erection?

by User avatar Guest

My erection bends when attempting intercourse

my erection bends when attempting to insert it into my s.o.’s vagina, causing discomfort and preventing penetration. (Note: they are a virgin) I am able to get about and inch in and when I try to go deeper my penis bends awkwardly and I am unable to go deeper. My erection also goes away very...

by User avatar Guest

problems with holding an erection and having a small penis

viagra sid is not working can anybody help

by User avatar Guest

Can't get erection after going to the gym. I just got some body shaking

Hello,I'm 21 obese male (5'2.5" height and 98KG weight).recently i decided to go to gym for lose my weight.since 01 of feb I started going.but now I'm having unexpected problems.I'm unable to get an erection.I don't have idea what's happening.this really annoying me all time.before i went to...

by User avatar Sasitha

Erections only between 5 am -6 am

Answered by a doctor

For some reason I am able to have erections only between 5 and 6 am. I wake up because my penis gets very hard and stays hard for an hour. But for some reason I cannot have erections during the day or night. Any advice?

by User avatar Confused

My penis is not getting erected enough while having sex with my wife. Even the pills didn't work out

Dear team, My penis is not getting erected enough while having sex with my wife. I have had sex with another girl before and it was fine. Even the pills didn't work out. Plz help me... I truly want to be a perfect man for her to keep her happy. Regards Sachin

by User avatar Guest

Can't get hard for my girlfriend. I love her so much and before her have been with only one woman

I have a problem I have a amazing beautiful missus who I love a great deal but when it comes to having sex I can't get hard enough for her I love her so much and have hurt her so much because if this problem she thinks I don't find her attractive and that it's a problem with her but it's all me I...

by User avatar Maximus1896365756