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Help! Feel like sperm is obstructed/blocked during ejaculati

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have nearly no enjoyment in sex/masturbating anymore because of this, and I would really like to know if anyone else have similar problems. So, everything is normal during masturbating except when I orgasm/ejaculate. During orgasm, I feel no contraction, I also feel like sperm is...

by User avatar Guest

I can pre-ejaculate but not cum

Answered by a doctor

Hey there, I have an embarrassing problem. I'm 16, and whenever I masturbate, I pre-ejaculate and then either the feeling becomes too intense to carry on or the urge disappears completely, sometimes both. I don't lose the erection, the urge to masturbate just disappears. I used to have wet...

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Can't Get Full Erection!

Answered by a doctor

Even when Im fully erect, It never seems to be quite 100% hard.. I mean its as if I can sort of flex it and make it even a little bit harder.. is there something wrong with me? :S

by User avatar Guest

never had penetrative sex because I cannot stay hard during intercourse

never had penetration sex can jack off but not rase ahard on

by User avatar RAPPID6666

25 and now impotent because of accutane. Has anyone ever recovered from this?

i took 40mg for 3.5 months, i found the erection started to get weak during the treatment. When i finally stopped the treatment, i developed ED and have trouble getting up. Even with erected, it's still very soft and weak( 50% pre-tane). 3 weeks has passed by, it doesnt seem to get any better. I am...

by User avatar accutanesufferer2019

Shampoo + Penis = BAD!

Answered by a doctor

So 4 days ago i was masturbating with shampoo and it was all good until some minutes later, it started to itch and get swollen but i just washed it with water then it felt much better.Next morning my foreskin started to get dry and i couldn't go to the toilet without it would hurt like hell.I...

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Loss of morning erection and weak erections.

Answered by a doctor

For the past 10 months or so I've lost my morning erections. I've also been having weaker erections than usual. These weak erections are also a lot harder to achieve. This is something that has me in a state of depression as of late. Im only 25 years old Workout, pretty strong, healthy, etc Is...

by User avatar Zeroskillet114697

Seeking help on staying hard

In the last week I have been going soft during sex and angrying my girlfriend over it, most of the time I go soft then get hard again in 1-2 mins and can finish the job on both ends. Last few days it has not been going well. I am 26 year old male and she is 21 I feel useless and unhappy at myself....

by User avatar bryan smith206122

Methadone & Effects on Sexual Function

Answered by a doctor

My husband has been taking methadone for a little over a year now. Before he started taking it he had a normal to above normal sex drive. His sex drive has continually dropped because of the methadone, which isn't good considering we are trying to concieve. Most of the time when we have sex he...

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How to Solve Erectile Dysfunction Problem

I have to face the ED problem. How to Solve this problem? Please inform me of any information regarding ED.

by User avatar zackefron