In the last week I have been going soft during sex and angrying my girlfriend over it, most of the time I go soft then get hard again in 1-2 mins and can finish the job on both ends. Last few days it has not been going well. I am 26 year old male and she is 21 I feel useless and unhappy at myself. We have sex almost everyday for the last two months with maybe a day off once in a blue moon, I use to get off fast then I would outlast her now I just go soft and then hard but now I am just soft after a min or so in her( no condom). It is killing my relationship and I need her in my life as she means the world to me. I been having issues with her past coming back and screwing with our relationship and now I feel I need to pleasure her even more then ever before and falling far short of that, and I am afraid having sex everyday is slowing wearing me down and I can't keep up anymore. She says seek a doctor you have to have ED I really do not think so I think I am just worn out but need to preform to keep her in my life