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Coughing And Lighthead After Anterior Cervical Fusion

Answered by a doctor

Good Morning Everyone~ I am 9 months post op.  I was wondering if anyone out there has had a chronic cough as well as being light headed since having their Anterior Cervical Fusion and if yes, does it get better? I had my fusion in April 2012 and have had issues of pain in my neck and left arm as...

by User avatar LaDonna

Side effects of Epidural Steroid Injections

Answered by a doctor

I am scheduled for my 3rd Epidural Steriod Injection next week.( Cervical 4,5,6). The first one did not help the pain in my neck at all or at least I would say no more than 5%. The second one helped a lot more , about 50%. While neither ESI was exactly pleasant they were not very painful at all....

by User avatar cheersbct88658

Pain 20 years post Scoliosis Surgery?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I had scoliosis surgery 28 years ago when I was just 15 years old!!! It was such a long time ago, I hadn't ever heard of the condition, felt isolated, scared and received no after care what so ever. On a positive, the surgery was successful, and I had a very normal, pain free life until I had...

by User avatar Plantlady100305820

Complications after my neck surgery. I am now stuttering and unable to make a sentence

After my second neck surgery,I am now studdering and unable to make a sentence,I am wondering if anyone has experienced this .

by User avatar Guest

I have back pain in my lower back that runs down to my groin. It happened after 3 back surgeries

I have back pain in my lower back that runs down to my groin and very painful at times.  This is after 3 back surgeries

by User avatar Margie Wood36

C5 nerve palsy after ACDF surgery

Answered by a doctor

I'm male and 66 yrs old. 4 weeks after ACDF of C4C5C6C7, I have minimal pain but have limited use of left arm Cannot raise arm from shoulder and arm is weak. Can lift arm at elbow partially. Forearm movement & strength affected. Am doing PT & OCT but see little difference. Like this...

by User avatar flstsrider90369

periodic tingling in same spot on back

Answered by a doctor

For about a month I’ve been having a periodic tingling sensation in the right side of my back in the same spot. It usually comes and goes, but is starting to come more regularly. I am wondering what this could be from?

by User avatar Guest

Arm pain after cervical fusion surgery

Answered by a doctor

I had a C4-5,5-6 discectomy with fusion 6 weeks ago. I originally went to a Neurosurgeon because of severe shoulder and upper arm pain, with tingling and numbness in my hands. The diagnosis was stenosis, causing nerve compression. The surgery went great! I spent one night in the hospital and was...

by User avatar Guest

Spina Bifida / foot drop and looking into partial voluntary amputation

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am 22 years old and have spina bifida (Lipomeningocele) and have had two laminectomys performed, prior to being diagnosed I was given a heel cord lengthening surgery that caused me to have foot drop, later they did a tendon transfer and a toe fusion to correct the lengthening and straighten...

by User avatar Cindy_Marie319359

post ACL surgery foot pain/tingling/numbness

Answered by a doctor

Im new to this online posting thing, but to date I'm not getting great feedback from my Doc nor has my rehab lady figured out my pains.  they are relatively new so hopefully in time we'll figure this out, but I also figured speaking to others who have already experienced the same issues would help...

by User avatar Screeli