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restless arms and legs after a cervical fusion

Answered by a doctor

restless arms and legs after a cervical fusion,,has anyone had this problem?

by User avatar G R259696

periodic tingling in same spot on back

Answered by a doctor

For about a month I’ve been having a periodic tingling sensation in the right side of my back in the same spot. It usually comes and goes, but is starting to come more regularly. I am wondering what this could be from?

by User avatar Guest

electric shock during MRI

Answered by a doctor

I've had two MRIs of my lower back done. The first one was like everyone says, I had no sensations at all. The second time, I had my fingers interlaced across my stomach during the initial scan for locating where the full scan should start and stop. During this part I experienced a mild to moderate...

by User avatar abraut

lumbar puncture..Could i have nerve damage?

Answered by a doctor

Hi i had a lumbar puncture done almost 2 months ago at which time the dr. took like 3 tries to get it right...after which 3 days later i was back in hosptial for a blood patch...(they got that right the 1st try).... Now almost 2 months later and when i bend over forward my back still hurts in that...

by User avatar nnj925116464

I got sciatica from falling down the stairs and now having strong pain from my spine down to feet

Walking down the steps with my dog on a lease.Suddenly my dog sprang (cat) and I fell down the steps.Due to this I have a condition called sciatica. Sometimes really bad..pain from my spine down to my feet then again feet go numb. Feet can go numb without warning.I have to sit before being able to...

by User avatar Lorenzo

pain started in my lower back on the right side. It spread to the right side of back and shoulders

I had a coughing fit, bent over to cough and somehow hurt my back. The pain started in my lower back on the right side. It spread to the entire right side of my back and shoulders. A few days later I found a small bump on my upper back near my neck on the side. It has been four days since then and...

by User avatar Cecelia Rose

Vertebrae L5 and L6

Answered by a doctor

Hi. Normal people have 5 vertebrae, called L1 – L5. However, I have a sixth lumbar vertebra! Because of L6 I am suffering from back pain. Is there some sort of a treatment for spinal anomalies problems? Anybody with experience?

by User avatar Guest

Sciatic nerve / Bulging Disk- recovery Questions

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I have a few questions, but first let me tell you what is going on with my injury. I am 35 yrs old, physically in shape 10 yr infantry foot soldier Sgt 11-B in the US ARMY. I am told I have Sciatica, and my need to leave the military- under medical conditions. I want to retire and keep my job. I...

by User avatar sgtpain46208

Cadaver bone vs titanium plate for fusion

I've already made up my mind and decided that I want surgery to fix the numbness, stiffness and weakness on my left arm accompanied with back pain due to a herniated disc between C5/C6 after a car accident.  It sounds like anterior cervical discectomies have a high success rate, especially if it's...

by User avatar leehua28307121

Broken titanium rod??? has anyone found a class action lawsuit on the manufacturer?

I had spinal fusion from T10 to S1 in Dec 2014 and in Dec 2016 while barely leaning forward heard a loud pop followed by excruciating pain. X-ray showed a broken titanium rod. With further tests it was discovered that the head to a screw into my pelvis stabilization rod had also been sheeted off....

by User avatar Beth