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MESSAGE to those preparing for ACDF surgery

Answered by a doctor

MESSAGE TO THOSE WHO ARE ANTICIPATING ACDF SURGERY... I read a lot of these posts before my surgery a month ago and they scared me half to death! I had a C-5/6 6/7 ACDF four weeks ago.The surgery was a complete success and most of my numbness/tingling/arm pain is resolved. I am SO glad I had it...

by User avatar JLC135741

bertolotti syndrome

Answered by a doctor

It took me years to find that the name of the condition that I am suffering from is called "Bertolotti's Syndrome". All this time I had lower back pain. I don’t understand quite yet my condition. Doctor tried with steroids shots to reduce my pain, but that wasn’t long term solution. I started...

by User avatar Guest

anterior cervical fusion/choking and swallowing issues

Answered by a doctor

in 2003, i had acf on c5 and c6. i was satisfied. i still had symptoms however, i learned to live with them. in may 2006, i began having neck pains, burning, etc. i tried not to have the surgery, but it the pain and symptoms were unbearable. i could not even work on the computer for 5 minutes. at...

by User avatar marylandbabe1207

Lumbar Puncture Pain - Nerve Damage?

Answered by a doctor

Very recently (within the past 4 days) had I undergone a lumbar puncture to test for west nile/meningitis. The test itself was very painful but the Novocaine shot numbed the pain until I got home. I'm 18 and back from college for the summer. I am having serious discomfort and pain in my right...

by User avatar SDHunter226516

Side effects from anterior cervical disk replacement

is heavy mucus a side effect from anterior cervical disk replacement

by User avatar Guest

Too much thick mucus after hubby's 2 level anterior cervical spine disectomy and fusion

Answered by a doctor

My  huabsnd has an awful amount  of thick mucus  since his surgery on Friday. He  had a 2 level anterior cervical spine  disectomy and fusion. He also has a spinal cord  injury causing  numbness of his right side. We were in a terrible  car accisdent...

by User avatar vargsmom


Answered by a doctor

I am facing C3, C4 anterior discectomy w/ fusion in near future as a result of car accident ( got rear ended). Neuro surgeon has tried Rehab Dr. and has not jumped right into the "you need surgery" bit. We are now to the point that it has become a very real necessity. I am 46 yr old Male....

by User avatar KLW

Chronic Tiredness related to cortisone??

Answered by a doctor

I had an epidural cortisone shot 1 year ago to treat a degenerative disc. Thankfully, the shot worked very well and I have not had to go back for another and the pain is still minimal. I do however have chronic fatigue or tiredness now. I know that it is somehow related to the shot since I have...

by User avatar SC7454047

periodic tingling in same spot on back

Answered by a doctor

For about a month I’ve been having a periodic tingling sensation in the right side of my back in the same spot. It usually comes and goes, but is starting to come more regularly. I am wondering what this could be from?

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Chronic Headaches After ACDF While Pregnant

I am writing this to hopefully help others and maybe get some help myself. I am 36 and had DD in my cervical spine for 6 years. I had ACDF  C5-7 in August of 2017 and my recovery was near 100%. In August of this year I found out I was pregnant. I have had a headache 31/2 months out of the...

by User avatar excellence82