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healing time after bone fusion c4/c5

Hello! I am about to have a fusion surgery on c4/c5 and would like to know something about the healing time following the surgery. Is there anybody who can share their experience?

by User avatar Guest

Looking for other abused clinical trial subject for Stryker Spine CerviCore Disc - implant

Answered by a doctor

Hello - Has anyone on this board been a subject in a clinical trial for Stryker Spine Cervicore Interverterbral Disc - one level total disc replacement? I am looking for other subjects who were recruited into this trial that was sponsored by Stryker Spine for their IDE clinical trial of the...

by User avatar philomena.55150214

restless leg syndrome following epidural steroid injection

Answered by a doctor

I am a male age 55 with spondylolisthesis L5 S1 and am awaiting fusion surgery. Because my symptoms were not classic for this condition my orthopedic surgeon recommended the ESI to block the nerve to ensure that the course of action was correct. I didn't get the nearly immediate relief that...

by User avatar Rcaz179225

dizziness after cervical surgery

Answered by a doctor

I had cervical disectomy and fusion on c4-c7 on 12/1/2011, since the surgery i have been getting dizziness, which i have told the doctor about, he insists that it is an inner ear problem, and sent me to a neuroligist, and i took it upon myself to see ear specialist also, never had this problem...

by User avatar dizzy

Too much thick mucus after hubby's 2 level anterior cervical spine disectomy and fusion

Answered by a doctor

My  huabsnd has an awful amount  of thick mucus  since his surgery on Friday. He  had a 2 level anterior cervical spine  disectomy and fusion. He also has a spinal cord  injury causing  numbness of his right side. We were in a terrible  car accisdent...

by User avatar vargsmom

Severe burning pain around right shoulder blade, what could it be?

Answered by a doctor

For approximately 3 1/2 years now I have had burning pain around my right shoulder blade, radiating up to the top of my shoulder and into the side of my neck,. At first it was only painful when I was doing dished, or typing for a long time, but as time progressed it became more painful, and more...

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bertolotti syndrome

Answered by a doctor

It took me years to find that the name of the condition that I am suffering from is called "Bertolotti's Syndrome". All this time I had lower back pain. I don’t understand quite yet my condition. Doctor tried with steroids shots to reduce my pain, but that wasn’t long term solution. I started...

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Answered by a doctor

I am facing C3, C4 anterior discectomy w/ fusion in near future as a result of car accident ( got rear ended). Neuro surgeon has tried Rehab Dr. and has not jumped right into the "you need surgery" bit. We are now to the point that it has become a very real necessity. I am 46 yr old Male....

by User avatar KLW

MESSAGE to those preparing for ACDF surgery

Answered by a doctor

MESSAGE TO THOSE WHO ARE ANTICIPATING ACDF SURGERY... I read a lot of these posts before my surgery a month ago and they scared me half to death! I had a C-5/6 6/7 ACDF four weeks ago.The surgery was a complete success and most of my numbness/tingling/arm pain is resolved. I am SO glad I had it...

by User avatar JLC135741

Spine fusion recovery time. Surgery was C2 through T2

Answered by a doctor

I had a 4 other spine surgeries over the past 3 years that were messed up so OHSU they had to take the old hardware out and fuse the rest. im at 5 weeks and I need to own when I can push it a bit? I feel like I should be starting. My kids are arguing about who has to take care of me. I just want too...

by User avatar Dawn