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My daughter wants to go topless at home

My daughter (14) wants to go topless at home. She'll get dressed she says when people arrive but she would like to be at ease so she calls it. We don't know how to react. My husband would like to say no, I am inclined to allow her to. She already gets out of her bra as soon as she gets home, so...

by User avatar Guest

i dont want to grow tall anymore

Answered by a doctor

i am 17 years old i am already 6.0 ft tall i dont want to grow much more taller . what should i do ....

by User avatar tusharss110720

teenage bedwetting

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I have 14 years old son. He has problem with bedwetting since he was three years old. His problem bothers me a lot. I tried everything. My friend suggested some kind of psychotherapy. What do you think does he need professional help?

by User avatar Guest

I am the only girl in my grade that's basically flat chested

Answered by a doctor

I am the only girl iny grade that's basically flat chested. All the other girls love to talk about their breast and how there growing.  I feel so left out.  I also happen to be the smallest in my grade. Does that have anything to do with it? Thanks.  

by User avatar Creation898

My right testicle has some pain, and feels moved.

Answered by a doctor

Well to start off, im 15, and a diabetic, and 2 days ago, i started feeling pain in my right testicle for some weird reason. The pants i was wearing were kinda rubbing against it, which made me notice the pain. Like it sometimes hurts to walk, but when sitting or laying down, on my back, there is NO...

by User avatar tym r111391

i havent hit puberty and im 13 what is wrong

Answered by a doctor

i am 13 years old i have some pubic hair on my balls and penis but my penis hasent devoloped. i get made fun of all the time at school because my balls havenet there anything i can do to speed up the process. also i cnt cum yet plz help me :-(

by User avatar Guest

16 and have no armpit hair

So i'm 16 and have no armpit hair, facial hair and still have a small penis. I have pubic hair and have barely any leg hair. My penis is around 4.5 inches when erect and a girth of 2 inches. Is this normal ? Have i hit puberty ? I really like this girl but i'm afraid of what she might think, I'm...

by User avatar mystery

I have no breasts what do I do?!

Hi, so I’m 13 years old and I haven’t even started growing breasts yet! I’m almost 14 and I feel like I am not normal. All my friends have breasts and I feel like I am 9 years old or something not 13!! Can you please help me find ways to grow breasts

by User avatar Crazyangel36

17 years old and having no breasts. I haven't developed and I don't even have a quick metabolism

I turned 17 about 3 months ago and I am A cup...everyone in my family has large breasts but I haven't developed even considerable breasts and I am soon gonna be 18.I have heard that breasts stop growing once you are 18!I am super worried.I am not extremely thin.I have a healthy built,neither too...

by User avatar Guest25

Small penis before puberty

Answered by a doctor

I'm 13 and have about 1.5in penis and about 2.5 when erect.i have small blonde hairs on my balls and over my penis and I have no armpit hair. I'm really scared that my penis will never grow and that I won't hit puberty

by User avatar Slava