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cant pull foreskin back at 13

Answered by a doctor

hello i am 13 i cannot pull my foreskin back erect or not it hurt i cant even see my head what can i do help please thanks :-)

by User avatar dude12345127059

Left nipple hard??

Hi, I am a 15 year old male, and my left nipple is always hard, and pressure hurts it. I do not take any drugs or anything, and this never happens with my right nipple. Does anybody know why this is and/or how I can fix it? P.S. there is a two inch hair growing out of it and it keeps growing...

by User avatar Guest

Im 14 and all my friends have their period but me, is that normal?

My friends have all got their periods and they have had them for a while. I am worried, is it normal mine is taking longer to come? I go-ogled what happens before you get you're period and its getting armpit hair, leg hair, boobs growing, discharge, mood swings ,pubic hair,spots, cramps. I have...

by User avatar Katie1998

Breasts not growing and i'm 15

Answered by a doctor

i'm 15 years old and i started having my period when i was 12. My breasts are so little. I feel like i'm not growing. all my friends have normal size breasts and they look full, developed, and attractive. I'm totally FLAT!!!! any advice

by User avatar crazy girl72623

I'm 14 and I have a lot of hair and my balls haven't dropped

Answered by a doctor

So I'm 14 and I have a lot of hair on my pits and the base of my private area but my voice hasn't dropped and my penis hasn't grown I don't know if having a small penis is a thing in the family but I'm concern if I might have to go to the doctor i would really appreciate a reply thanks

by User avatar Gr8awsomness297449

I'm 14 and my parents are way too strict.

Answered by a doctor

I'm 14 and my mom makes me go to bed at 9:00 or 9:30 on school nights. (sometimes 10:00 if I have a lot of homework). When I go to bed later than I am supposed to, my mom will give me sh*t for it saying that I never listen to the rules and stuff like that. I know this isn't bad compared to other...

by User avatar Guest

16 girl no puberty

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im 16 girl and i havent hit puberty at all like nothing im just wondering if there is anyone else out there the samea

by User avatar Guest

Wife caught 15 year old daughter performing oral on 16 year old boyfriend

We have a rule that if our kids have visitors in their room, their door must remain open Earlier today, my wife called me telling me that I needed to come home as soon as possible as she caught our oldest daughter giving her B-F oral sex.  She went into the room and said that they...

by User avatar RileyKY

Cant tell if ill be bi, gay, or straight

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im a 12 year old male, and having problems with my orientation. I want to be straight, but i keep having fantasies about all of the orientations, i need help. My cousin, whos 15, thinks ill turn out gay, or at least bi. I hope i dont turn out gay, but it wouldnt matter too much to me if i...

by User avatar ~-Radio-~

Is showering with other guys gay?

Answered by a doctor

Is it gay to shower with other guys after like football practice. If it's not then how do you get everyone to shower cause I like good hygiene. But not to be called gay. Also is this maturity thing that will happen over time

by User avatar Guest