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Tonsillectomy with Local Anesthesia?

Answered by a doctor

My doctor wants to perform my tonsillectomy using local anesthesia. I am low risk and he said I can choose whether to have local or general. He said local was safer. It is appealing, but I am concerned that so few people have the procedure done with local anesthetic. Has anyone had a...

by User avatar Guest

I think my tonsillectomy was done wrong?

Answered by a doctor

I had my tonsillectomy about two weeks ago (Sunday 07th November). My experience has not been so good, I understand that there was meant to be pain, but no painkiller worked what so ever (codiene, paracetamol etc). I also encourted severe bleeding the following Friday, but after going to the...

by User avatar victoriamaria14

alcohol consumption after tonsillectomy

Answered by a doctor

is it ok to drink alcohol 1 week before a tonsillectomy, its my 20th bday and my friend is throwing me a party? i'm in college and was also wondering how long i have to wait after my tonsillectomy before i can start drinking alcohol?

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The tissue and uvula in the back of my throat sits lower after tonsillectomy recovery.

I am 5 weeks post op tonsillectomy. The surgery and recovery was not so bad especially compared to the horror stories I read around the internet. My main issue is that the anatomy has changed in my mouth and it is noticeable. Constantly noticeable. The tissues lateral to the uvula all seem to sit...

by User avatar Guest

My son won't eat and is vomiting after tonsils and adnoids w

Answered by a doctor

Is it O.K. if my son doesn't want to eat after having his tonsils and adnoids removed 5 days ago. Is vomiting normal? How long will he have a sore throat?

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Tonsillectomy after age 50!

Answered by a doctor

I keep reading all the remarks from people in their early 20's who have had their tonsils out. I just had mine out on 3/10/08 and I am 56! Yes the pain is awful, but I just keep thinking, why I had it done, and that does help. I'm on week 2 and still can't believe I need the pain meds, but they have...

by User avatar Tazmom

Tonsillectomy and Smoking Marijuana

Answered by a doctor

Hello, i had my tonsills removed on 4/17/09, today is day 10 for me. I had been doing alot of searching on the internet for the answer all the stoners are looking for. For what i have read smoking is different for each person some report some bleeding some dont, so i guess there is a risk on that....

by User avatar JonGis111477

two weeks after tonsillectomy = SENSITIVE TEETH

Answered by a doctor

my teeth are EXTREMELY sensitive, especially to certain sweets. my teeth haven't had any sensitivity problems in the past but now they are really sensitive and hurt A LOT. does anyone else have any experience with this? what causes it??

by User avatar mmc980244126

toothache after tonsillectomy

Answered by a doctor

i am 21 years old and 13 days post-surgery for having my tonsils and adenoids removed. for the most part i am doing worlds better, i can drink and eat soft foods, but i have a toothache in my molar that developed about day 5 that has only intensified. it is usually a dull pain that grows to AWFUL...

by User avatar erosemond

Taste dysfunction 1 month post tonsillectomy. I have a metallic taste in the back of my throat

hello, it has been a little over a month now. My yo hue sometimes hurt and is tingly. Not to mention, hard any taste! I have a metallic taste in the back of my throat as well. I’d say where my tonsils used to be... This is so depressing. 

by User avatar KaySea 13