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Tonsillectomy after age 50!

Answered by a doctor

I keep reading all the remarks from people in their early 20's who have had their tonsils out. I just had mine out on 3/10/08 and I am 56! Yes the pain is awful, but I just keep thinking, why I had it done, and that does help. I'm on week 2 and still can't believe I need the pain meds, but they have...

by User avatar Tazmom

Tongue pain after tonsillectomy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm on day 5 after my tonsillectomy. I feel pretty good, my throat does not hurt very much except when trying to swallow, but my tongue hurts really bad. When I look at it, it looks like there are two pretty big scars in it with white/yellow scabs, just like they kept the tongue down with...

by User avatar E_S

Is my throat lump actually a tonsil stone?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. In a past couple of months I have lived through many embarrassing situations caused by my bed breath. I don’t know what could cause this. At first, I thought it was some tooth with caries on it caused this and I scheduled a dental examination. My dentist, after hi examined me, said that I...

by User avatar Guest

Loss of Taste after Tonsillectomy

Answered by a doctor

Have read all the comments about loss of taste, bitterness in the mouth, no flavour to food etc. after removal of tonsils, and I am going through all this. It is horrible and depressing. I am 6 months post op and feel things are as bad as ever. Is there anyone out there who has experienced this and...

by User avatar Ryder

tonsillectomy: bleeding at 7 days & cauterize

Answered by a doctor

hi i had my tonsillectomy last wednesday. pain had persistently getting worse, probably the worst on days 6 & 7. the on the night of day 7, i had bleeding - spitting out blood, it was oozing, but i stopped it after a few minutes with an ice pack on the neck & drinking ice water. however, the...

by User avatar swtbeb4lyfe43

Antibiotics and steroids after Tonsillectomy? can my daughter take it on her own?

It seems like many patients have been prescribed Antibiotics after Tonsillectomy. My daughter got this surgery a few days ago and her tong and uvula is swollen pretty bad. I really would have liked the doctors to give us the antibiotics, but he did not. Yet, I read so many people getting...

by User avatar Guest

Is it safe to take amox-clav?

I took some already a few minutes ago and I was wondering if i will be okay? I know this is stupid of me to ask AFTER the fact that I already took it, but I can't get to a doctor (no free clinics and completely broke. I work at Target) and I had my mom and mother in-law give me the go ahead to take...

by User avatar jtsanda130402

Funny-tasting food after tonsillectomy?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I'm 17 years old girl and I need to go to tonsillectomy next week. My friend told me that it's nothing dangerous but I'm still scared. He also told me that I will lose taste for a few months. Is it true that all food will be taste funny after tonsillectomy?

by User avatar shaylyn32992

Tonsillectomy recover uncomfortable feeling in back of throat not going away

Answered by a doctor

I had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy done on November 11, 2009. I am now on three weeks and three days recovery and my throat looks like it's almost fully recovered. There is only one issue remaining which I'll explain below. My problem is that I still have this feeling in the back of my throat...

by User avatar sedeutsch131898

Recovery from Tonsillectomy - 17 year old

Answered by a doctor

My 17 year old daughter had a tonsillectomy on July 1. It is now July 6. July 1 through the AM of July 3 were pretty horrible mostly in the evenings. She said it was much worse than the pain when she had her ACL surgery last year and was shaking uncontrollably. She did have the complication of her...

by User avatar broekea77130