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Well, today is Day 4 - if you count surgery day as Day1. I was much more sore today then any other day. Eating also hasn't been as easy today. I have stuck to ramen noodles and some jello. Cold drinks, though heaven to me yesterday, seem to irritate my throat more today. It seems like it depends on the moment what I want and what works.

I have continued to take my medicine each and every time I am suppose too. I have kept ice on my neck as well. Waking up this morning was really hard. My mouth was dry - despite the humidifier and liquids. A nice bath helped to relax me. Another thing that I have found helpful to to have a candy/gum in my mouth. I have been using Werthers since it helps to mask the terrible taste and keeps my mouth moist. I just need to be really careful to not have them aound a time when I am sleepy - especially about an hour after medicine. Tylenol, pain killers, nausea pills and antibiotic are still being taken.


Thx for posting updates (I read your other thread also)! I'm going in on April 2nd and am scared sh@tless! Also, I make a living as a vocalist so am nervous about recovery but allowed myself 6 weeks without any gigs.

Keep posting if possible and I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! ((HUGS))


Yesterday and today have been rough for me. My throat is very sore and I haven't been able to drink much. Eating has been impossbile and the bloating caused with the pain killers has been terrible. I know this is a temporary stage but it does suck! Some things that helped (a bit):

1) Warm liquids..not hot though. Sometimes it was nice to have something colder and then warm. Warm apple cider was a good optioin for me

2) Take your medicine - don't skip or miss a dose. I have liked the liquid rapid release (extra strength) tylenol - in addition to the pain killer.

3) I ended up calling the doctor and have new pain killers. We will see.

4) Sleep whenever you can. I can only sleep for about hour at a time but thas was good (using the cool humidifier)

5) Warm baths or heating pad on the back of my neck

6) Eat what you can - it has been limited for me - cream of wheat, jello. Continue to try and drink lots.

7) Don't talk

8) I did use some lemon/honey cough drops. They did provide some relief for a little while

I am very glad thatmy mom has been here to take care of me. I have a toddler and caring for him, during this pain, would have been so terrible.

Something else that seems to help the cool fresh air. I go onto my patio and it seems to help a bit. Take care of yourself and rest. Don't push things and remember to drink.

I am hoping to get to bed soon and that tomorrow will be better.


I wanted to reply I jsut got my tonsils out on march 6th '08. I am a singer as well. I was constantly getting infections and felt as if when singing my throat was being "weighted" down and would fatigue easily.

If I could offer the best advice it would be:

1.) take your medicine on time every time for the first 7-10 days. if it says every 4 hours make it every 4 hours not 4:30 or 5 hours. trust me you will regret it if you wait.

2.) drink WATER like you are lost in the desert. I constantly had a water bottle in my hand(aquafina worked for me) Dont drink tea, sports drinks or anything else. only water keeps you from coating your throat with things that slow down healiing.

3.)Limit talking the first 3 days to a chalk or dry erase board, after that limited conversation should be ok.

4.) enjoy your time off from work, read books, watch tv, write whatever you can do to relax and keep peace of mind.

Hope this helps, Good Luck!!!


I find it really hard to believe that people are sayings it impossible to eat.
I had my op four days ago and i can eat fine.
Four hours after my op i was eating hospital meals.
The more you eat the less pain you will be in, trust me!!

The only times the pain is worse is in the early morning and around dinner time.
This is only becuase your mouth has not been moving very much.
Chew some gum!!

So really.
Theres hardly anything to worry about apart from a few aches and pains.

If you dont eat, youll cuase infection too!!
This is becuase the bacteria stays in your gums and teeth, unless you eat it wont pass threw!!
Oh and eating jelly and ice cream will NOT HELP!!
Eat a normal diet.
Roughage is best.
Like toast.
This will keep the scabbing at bay, if you eat ice cream and jelly wich isnt rough, the scabs will form and will break off then bleed.


i must admit i feel as though i have had a good time of it, but i guess we all react differently and some have higher pain thresholds than others?!?

I too have eaten since day 1, gradually increasing over the the day or two (im on day 4) i feel as though eating has helped and i now find i could eat and drink small meals all day, and that, yes just the evening, early morning and night are the worst.

I am just waiting to see what this scabbing is that bit does worry me.... o.O


I had my tonsils out on monday i was so nervous. I am doing okay with it. Although it hurt i still ate soup and dumplings on the first day. I wouldn't eat ice cream until the 5th or 6th day because it makes you choke. I found that the pain killers made me sick so i had to go to regular tylenol . I read that is was going to be awful but its really not a bad at the sore throats i was getting. I would be in the hospital once a month not being able to breathe or swallow because of my tonsils. So in comparison to that pain having them removed in minor.



I am a 29-year old who had my tonsils removed Thursday, January 14, 2010 after 15 years of painful, recurrent sore throats.

Day 1 - Surgery & 1st Day of Recovery
My surgery was at 7:00am and went smoothly. My ENT said that my tonsils were larger than he expected. He removed them using the coblation method (radio frequency), which is supposed to be better for recovery. I was released and back home by 8:30-9:00am, and slept for a few hours. I started my drinking/eating/medicine regimen... On the first day (surgery day) I was able to eat broccoli soup (very thin), Peanut Butter Moo'd (Jamba Juice smoothie), mashed potatoes and pudding. It took a long time to eat, but I got it all done with little discomfort. I also drank 100 ounces of water, as it seems to be the biggest recommendation from those who have undergone this procedure. I made sure to take my medicine exactly as prescribed... nausea pill followed 30 minutes later by 10ml of liquid Zamicet (every 4 hours). At night I decided to set the alarm every 4 hours to continue my nausea/pain meds and drink water each time I woke up. All in all, Day 1 was really easy. I would say my pain level was between a 2-4. The biggest surprise is that I now snore when I fall asleep and it's so loud that I keep waking myself up... my husband decided to sleep in the guest room due to the snoring... funny!

Day 2 - Day After Surgery & 2nd Day of Recovery
My second day of recovery was very similar to Day 1. My pain level remained somewhere between a 2-5... not really any worse than a mid-level sore throat. I continued eating similar soft foods (pudding, vegetable broth, butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt) and drank 108 ounces of water. The pain started to feel a bit worse late in the evening... closer to a 5 or 6, but still not as bad as my regular sore throats. The snoring hasn't subsided... I suppose it will get better when the swelling goes down.

Day 3
I am currently on Day 3 of recovery (2 days post surgery). I am now feeling more pain in my throat and some "referred" ear pain. I would say the pain level is about a 5-6 at most. I tried eating some instant oatmeal, but it seemed to chunky and I couldn't get it down. I decided to have pudding again for breakfast. I still haven't missed an opportunity to take my pain medication and have needed to supplement with some Motrin (okay-ed by my doctor). I also had some Lipton's chicken noodle soup (not too hot), the warmth felt great on my throat. Day 3 is the hardest so far, which I expected from the many blogs/posts I have read. The pain has really not been bad yet though... a 5 or 6 at most. This certainly isn't as bad as my worst sore throats, and I'm still thrilled to have my tonsils removed! I'm not sure if I'm just lucky with my recovery or if I had lived with A LOT of pain over the past few years.


Well so far it has not been nearly as bad as i had expected it to be, as soon as i got out of the hospital i smoked a cigerette. Day 1 was not bad at all drank alot of gatorade and ate mashed potatos and alot of Shakes. Didnt need to use pain medication but i did so anyway i got pills so they arent the easiest to swallow. Day 2 not bad at all ate as i would any other day had ice cream to start the day and mashed potatos again for lunch and for dinner i ate some spaghetti. i can definately tell the difference in the pain level but motrin and pain medicine seem to keep it down, to a minimul i am not sure what to expect the next feew days. but just to let everyone know it is not as bad as you will think i eat talk and drink just as good as befor so dont be to worried. for the first couple of days.


I am a 25yr old male, currently on day 7 (counting the day of op as day 1) and returned to work today, although I would not have chosen to had my annual leave entitlements been a bit more generous, my job is sedentary and I do not have to speak on the phone a great deal. I have found unlike a lot of people on the thread that I have been getting significantly better day by day. 2 & 3 were the worst for me, but in saying that were not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. After day 3 I stopped taking the codeine regularly, just having one dose in the morning and one in the evening and for the past two days I have been off it altogether only taking ibuprofen and paracetamol before attempting to get ambitious with new foods.

My eating hasn’t returned to normal yet, eating a lot of puddings, custard, soups, lightly toasted bread with a lot of butter and overcooked pasta, thin margherita pizza the last couple of days has been heaven, as that and thin crepes with loads of butter and golden syrup have been the only real substantial foods I have managed to consume (crepes are by far the easiest solid food for me to eat). I did eat chicken, chips and gravy from KFC at the end of day 4 which was also amazing after an eternity of soups but I woke up that night with a mouthful of blood, so I would not advise that. I found milkshakes and yoghurts until about day 6 horrible, they sound like a good idea but leave you with mouthfuls of mucous that has to be spat out for long periods afterwards.

Feeling pretty good at the moment, the only thing that bothers me is the ear pain after eating anything when I have not taken pain killers, not sure how long that will take to disappear but really hope it will soon.

To me the most important things are, drink ice cold water by the gallon, I have had a bottle at my side the whole time as I was not able to stomach iceblocks, take a vitamin c and zinc supplement regularly (promotes healing), get one that you swallow as vit c is ascorbic acid which wont be good on your raw tonsils if it’s in the chewable version & also a protein supplement mixed in with water as all I am getting very little out of my diet and protein is essential for repair.

For anyone thinking of having the op done I would definitely encourage it as you find that it’s the people who have problems with the operation are the ones who post their experiences, remember a tonsillectomy is one of the most common operations in the world, they perform more than 80,000 a year in the UK alone. Reading the posts before I had mine was starting to psyche me out but I am happy to say it has been so much more bearable than I had expected and is totally worth it if I never get tonsillitis again.


THIS SURGERY IS NOT AS BAD AS EVERYONE SAYS. I'm 22 years old and had my tonsils and adenoids removed last Tuesday (it's currently Sunday night) tomorrow will be day 6 of recovery. Knock on wood, I've had a pretty easy recovery. I just wanted to post because there are so many horror stories that scared me to death before I got my surgery....but it's really not as bad as I expected.

The pain really hasn't been that bad for's just more annoying than anything. The pain is way less than the pain I've had with past strep/tonsillitis and peritonsilar abscesses. I stopped taking my hydrocodone painkillers two days in because they made me vomit. I've just been taking liquid extra strength tylenol every 4 hours for the past few days and it's worked just fine. HOWEVER, recovery is really gross. The scabbing causes a really nasty taste in your mouth. Also, I have a lot of drainage that tastes pretty nasty. The grossness of it all has been way worse for me than the pain...BY FAR.

--Stay hydrated!!! Everyone says it and it's true. I really like the V8 fruit juices...lots of vitamins and stuff in them, too.
--Eat whatever YOU feel comfortable eating. People have listed a lot of do's and don'ts when it comes to food...but whatever you are hungry for and feel like you can get down, go for it. Just be careful to take small bites and really chew. I've been eating as normally as I possibly can while still staying comfortable. And hey, the Brits heal from tonsillectomies faster on average in part due to the fact that they eat normal food and slough their scabs off from day 1.
--You will most likely a) get constipated b) vomit or c) have diarrhea at some point during recovery. Just accept it and mentally prepare. When your eating patterns change as much as they do during recovery one of these things is bound to happen.
--Try to stay up and active (and by active I mean reading, catching up on TV, watching movies) as much as you can, but don't push it. Sleep is soooo key to recovery. But lying around in bed and wallowing in pain doesn't help either. So find a happy medium.

That's all I got for now...I'm praaaying that things don't get bad for me and that the scabs coming off isn't pure hell. I'm thinking it won't be...but you never know. I've gotten off pretty easy this far in recovery.

Good luck with your surgery!! As much as it may suck sometimes during recovery, it's worth it!


It is nice to see that I am not the only vocalist having my tonsils out, I also am having my nose reconstructed inside, as I have been in too many fights in my youth and was stabbed once in my nose as well, which caused severe sleep apnea, anyway this surgery is supposed to help it out, and I must admit it would be a comfort to actually sleep more than an hour at a time for once. I am scared to death my vocals will suffer though, or that my voice will change in an embarassing way. My surgery will be at the end of this month, and for my health, I will do this, but I am sure you understand when I say I don't want to. I was checking out all your adventures in healing, and the best I would suggest having torn my throat muscles before, is hot liquids when you can to relax the muscle, and cold when hot irritates you. I don't suggest lemon, because of the acid, until you are healed then, hot honey and lemon tea, a lot of it to relax while you carefully re-stretch your vocals. I hope it works for me this time, if not , I'll come up with more answers to share.


I had my tonsils out on Tuesday, it is now Sunday. I was in hospital over night as I live alone with my 5yr old. The first 2 days were just about bearable and from there it has just got worse. My throat is KILLING me, I tend to grimace eaac time i swallow. I am on codeine, paracetomal, diclofenac and tramadol. The only thing that works id taking all of it together, then I get relief for three hours. I only took it all together once for fear of damaging myself so I am pretty much in pain ALL THE TIME. The mornings and evenings are the worst and I don't sleep through the night. My throat is scabbing and today I am finding bits of scab in my mouth which I have to keep spitting out, gross and makes me feel sick. My tongue has no sense of feeling, food takes revolting and as soon as I nod off I am woken by my snoring! I never snored before. I have swallowed more throat lozenges whole over the last few days than ever before mainly as I have such a gaping hole at the back of my throat and they just disappear. it hurts to move my tongue and my jaw is so sore. I am a zombie and coping with a 5 yrold is hard. All my family are in UK and I am now a single mum in NZ. I drink as much as I can but will up it having read all of these posts. please can someone keep in touch with me as I am at the end of my tether!


I had my tonsils out on 12/18. The first day was fine, got home after the surgery and slept all day. Woke up around 5pm thirsty and bored but that was about it.

The worst days were 3-5. But other than that it wasn't too bad at all.

The worst part for me was having to sneeze. That is the most painful part of the recovery. I ate jello the first two days and then did apple juice mixed with banana.

I think a lot of people have such a problem with recovery because they try to rush the heeling process. Don't eat anything hard the first few days, in fact, if you can, don't eat at all.

I lost 6 pounds the first 10 days, and even know I am still only eating soft foods.

Doctor said I was healing nicely in my post opp appointment. I didn't have any bleed outs, or any other types of emergencies. Took my meds religiously for the first four days, and then as needed with the painkillers and took the antibiotics.

I am still not going anywhere need hard foods, so chips and crackers are out. I tried to eat a wheat thin today, but that was difficult. On day 9 I was able to eat half an In N Out Burger, and on day 10 I was able to eat half a plain chicken sandwich, but that was about it.

If you follow the instructions from your doctor, don't try to rush food down, and stick to fluids the first 2-3 days you should be fine. I read all these horror stories and was always looking for blood in my spit up the first week after my surgery but I was fine.


I'm on Day 4 and it sucks. Day one wasn't so bad. It hurt to swallow, but I was able to drink enough and felt fine until the evening. I couldn't keep down anything (water, meds, popsicles) from the first evening to late morning of day 2 and I was in a lot of pain because I was so dehydrated so I had to go into the ER. They gave me Zofran and morphine and believe it or not, the morphine wasn't all that helpful at first, once they upped my dose though, the pain was still a 5 but much more managible.
The worst part for me has been my uvula. It was so swollen Day one and two until the end of day two and day three the swelling went down (most certainly due to a shot of steroids the ER doc gave me for that particular reason). I felt like I was choking on my uvula or like I needed to swallow constantly because it was on the back of my tongue. It was so frustrating... it went away until this morning where it's back with a vengeance. My mouth and throat are much more swollen and in more pain today, I didn't realize how great I had it yesterday. I tried to talk on the phone to my husband this morning (he's in Iraq) and he could barely understand me.
My baby girl (12 months wants me to read to her and I can't because it hurts too much. Probably from all the reading to her I did last night because I was feeling semi decent.
I'm continuing to drink as much water as I can and just wish we had an ice maker because I go through it so fast. It's hard to swallow water though, I keep getting a lot of air, probably from all the extra space in the back of my throat now!
I am on Roxicet (yuck) I hate this liquid c**p, but I'm also on liquid Amoxicillan and that's not so bad. The ER doc gave me zofran pills to take home and they give me heart burn, luckily though I haven't thrown up since I was in the ER.
My doc also said my tonsils were larger than he thought... the surgery took twice as long as he planned!
Now if only I could get my baby to not want to read for a few days (which sucks, because she loves books!) I think I can manage the talking part at least.
All I've been able to keep down food wise was butternut squash soup and that had a few chunks which made it really hard to swallow and made it feel like there were chunks in the back of my throat for hours.

Everyone's experience is different. I really don't think it's fair of people to judge too much about other people's pain tolerance as we all experience things differently. We also all have our different things that are going on. I thought it was no big deal. I read up on what to expect and I thought I would have no problem with recovery, I even have appointments that I had made thinking I would be fine. I think I will be cancelling them. Shoot, I had my baby last January with NO DRUGS whatsoever, but that doesn't mean that I won't have a hard time with a tonsillectomy. I honestly thought that I would recover fast, but I guess I'm just in more pain than I thought I could be. Oh well, as long as I recover within the next 10 days I won't be upset ;-) (My doc said 2 weeks recovery time)