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swelling in the whole body

Answered by a doctor

I am getting swelling in the whole body including my hands, feet, legs, face, neck, abdomen (stomach blots) since december 2007. I am trying to find out a reason for that. hav gotall my blood tests done but doctors cudnt find anything. all are normal. i search on internet but cudnt find any specific...

by User avatar julia84

is taking butt enhancements pills healthy for a woman to get curves?

is taking butt enhancements pills healthy?

by User avatar Guest

Pimples, boils, blackheads & whiteheads between inner th

Answered by a doctor

Hi there. I'm 18, and I've been having a huge problem ever since I can remember. The furthest I can recall is around when I first hit puberty 8 years ago. Between my inner thighs, close to my pubic region I have loads of tender bumps, pimple-like rashes, blackheads, whiteheads, irritation, and even...

by User avatar trix

how frequently should I trim my pubic hair and do it much faster without cutting myself?

I'm a girl, 14 and a half. yesterday my mom showed me a video clip about how to trim the pubic hair for stealth triangle shape and asked my to learn how to do it. She said it's important to keep clean down there. It took me nearly half an hour until I got the shape, after that I found it...

by User avatar ykr123456

I'd love to go topless in public but I don't dare to

Hi. I'm living in NYC. Theoretically I could go topless. Sometimes you see a topless woman but it's not often. I wanted to go topless already last summer and one day I was ready and out in a tshirt without a bra and wanted to take off the shirt. I was with friends and wanted to surprise...

by User avatar Guest

I'm 21 and my pubes have started growing again. They stopped 4 years ago and now spread to navel

I'm 21 and my pubes have started growing again. I've always been hairy down there but the hairs stopped growing when I was 17, now they've started  growing again. They grow on my thighs and up to my navel. What can I do? 

by User avatar Guest

What is the best way to hide hard nipples?

Hi girls. It's all in the title. I'd like to go braless but I don't want to have my nipples show. I've tried pasties of course but they fall off when the nipples get hard or only make for a still larger looking protrusion. Cheers for your help!

by User avatar Guest

I have a lot of visible sebaceous glands on my labia minora

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I would like to know one thing. I have  a lot of visible sebaceous glands on my labia minora. They appear as small, painless, raised, pale,  white spots or bumps and i have had them since 13. Next week I will go first time to GYN ( I am 19 years now), but I would like if someone could look...

by User avatar deepyellowtree313962

Weight gain after stopping pill

Answered by a doctor

Hi guys I'm 25 and have recently stopped the pill. I've being gaining weight at a rapid rate of knots and am seriously upset about it. I've always been conscious about my weight and work really hard to stay slim - exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy foods. I had a defined and toned stomach while...

by User avatar sarah.hofmeyr233292

cum in underwear at 13, but haven't got my period and have not had a boyfriend or orgasm

I am 13, haven't got my period and have not had a boyfriend or orgasm but every day I go to the bathroom at look at my underwear cum is inside of them what do I do??????????????????

by User avatar Guest