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hi,my mum and dad dog has cushings diesese diagnosed around 18 mth ago .

in this time he has gone from a muscleie large staff who could leap a fence 4ft no trouble ,now his head as sunken ,hes got all the other syptoms BUT his baldness is been full of sores on and off for around 10 mth its been treated by vet with antibiotics and some special shampoo,But he cant even get up a step without difficulty ,he is 9/10 yrs  old ,

he is still eating no problem and goes out most days for an half hour stroll ,

MY PROBLEM at the moment is 6 wk ago he seemed to have upset guts with diorehaa,the vets ,suggessted to change his brand of food and Chappie would be the best for him ,2 week ago he had an accident in the night dioreahha 3 times , so we then advice to put him on boiled rice and chicken ,

this got a little better but still very soft ,2 days ago ,he is getting worse again,

is this the end signs ?? ,he eats and then deposits  well within the hour of eating ,

i fear the worse .

can anyone help in giving the final stages in dogs with this diesiese

any info greatfully accepted

he has a growth on one kidney could this be anything to do with kidney failiure ?


How old is your dog? What's he is experiencing might be the side effects of his medication. Cushing disease is a treatable condition. If you feel that your dog's health is deteriorating, veterinary intervention is higly recommended.