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The best diet for dogs with Addison’s disease

Hey. My friend has a dog, and two days later, she found out that he has Addison’s disease. She is really worried, and she wants to do everything for him. That is totally reasonable, of course. The vet told her that she should try first with some diet program, because it is not so serious, she...

by User avatar Love-is-pet346786

How to treat impacted anal gland in my cat?

Hello you pet lovers. It was my anniversary last week, and my husband gave me a little cat as a gift. She is three months old, and as far as I know, he pick her up from some shelter. I am glad, because I will be able to help this cute little animal :) I never had a cat before, I have to be honest...

by User avatar Helena

How to prevent IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) in dogs?

Hello. I have a question for you. I hope someone will know the right answer since I couldn’t really find it on the internet. The thing is - I read about this disease called IBD - Inflammatory bowel disease. It has to do with the dog’s bowel and his digestive system and the way his immune...

by User avatar Dalmatian_lover346753

Treatment for anal gland bleeding for dogs

Hey there. I really didn’t think that this will happen to me and my dog, but unfortunately.... So, two days ago, I was siting in my home, I was typing something on my laptop, I was finishing some work. It was late at night, I am alone with my dog. After my work, I was ready to sleep, and when I...

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life expectancy for dogs with cushings disease

Answered by a doctor

My dog was just diagnosed with cushings disease and the vet warned us that he would not be with us for very much longer. Now, I am wondering what the life expectancy is for dogs with cushings disease, starting from the time they were first diagnosed? I am hoping someone can help.

by User avatar Guest

life expectancy for hamsters

I am trying to help me 10 year old daughter with a project she is doing for school. It is about hamsters, and she has her presentation in two days. We're still looking for figures about the life expectancy of hamsters. If you know what the life expectancy is for hamster, could you please contribute...

by User avatar blanca_166054166054

What are the main ingredients of pedigree denta stix?

Hey guys. I am so happy because I got this lovely present for my Boo from my aunt from Australia :) She never visited us, but she saw Boo on the skype and she told me that she is in love with him. She sent me this big, no big – HUGE package from Australia and it was for Boo :) Nothing for...

by User avatar DS991346765

Life expectancy for dogs with Addison’s disease

Hello everyone. My friend recently found out that their family dog has Addison’s disease. He’s been diagnosed two weeks ago, when they took him to the vet. It was devastating. It turns out that’s a very serious disease, but according to the vet, it can be handled quite easily. There are...

by User avatar rubylock346757

Have you heard any complaints about pedigree denta stix, can it cause liver issues in dogs?

Good day good people. I need one suggestion. I was planning to buy Pedigre dentastix for my dog. I like the commercial on local television and I was thinking that this is going to be a new favorite treat for my dog. But some people told me that I should not give it to my dog because it can cause...

by User avatar Eric 7

Are there any side-effects of neutering a senior dog?

Hey guys, I have a question to ask. I remember I've seen topics about spaying and neutering  dogs who were still puppies. I say spaying and neutering because it's not the same, spaying is when we talk about female dogs, and neutering when we talk about male dogs. Anyway, I know all about...

by User avatar rubylock346757