I'm 17 years old, and I've previously been on the depo provera, and it was causing me some problems with consistent bleeding, as if on a period.
This happened for around 15 months (ending in around July 2009), while doctors tried to figure out the problem.
I had a full screening from the hospital, and everything came back clear, so i went to my local family planning clinic (The Parallel)
Where a doctor told me the lack of estrogen in my body was what caused me to bleed.

I was on the pill for 3 years before the depo, but I'm unable to take any types of pills (after a serious incident) and was suggested to go on the Evra Patch instead. as it's the only other double hormone contraception, or so they said.

I generally stuck it on my bum. However i noticed on friday (22nd January) that the patch had half peeled off (my new patch is applied on a saturday) however, i'd had sex with my partner on that wednesday (20th January) I reapplied my next patch on Saturday ( 23rd January) as normal,.
But I've been feeling sick everyday since thursday, and it's now tuesday. My side effects from the patch are breat tenderness, and i've never had anything else.

Is there a chance I might be pregnant, if so what would you advise to do?