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gap in side of throat with lump underneath

the past month or 3 i have felt a gap on the left side above my Addams apple with a lump underneath it, the gap hurts and i constantly feel like my throat is going to rip apart. also when i move my throat down my throat moves to the right. i think all this is because of my neck, you see i...

User avatar tyler

diarrhea for days but NOT sick

hello, 34 years old and rather healthy. but for the past 2-3 days now, i have had diarrhea pretty badly off and on. not sick, no fever and no other symptoms other than being hungry from emptying myself out. i am definitely keeping very hydrated, but i feel like i go 3-4 times [watery discharge] and...

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Acute Pancratitis

I have been treated with acute Pancratitis in Jan 2017 due to consumption of Alcohol. When can i start drinking again? Is it possible i can start drinking again in a year or two

User avatar Guest

What's wrong with me?

At the beginning of this month may I started feeling weird nausea, constipated, stomach cramp. So I pushed it off to my period coming in a couple weeks. Well my period ended up coming two days late. Which it is always on time. The first day was so light could call it spotting then the next two days...

User avatar Juju123

Morning after pill after abortion

I had an abortion on April 18 and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on May 16. I took the morning after pill the next morning (around 22 hours after unprotected sex). I have yet to recieve my period and its been almost 6 weeks since my abortion and a little over a week after taking the morning...

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penis growth after 16

i am 16 running and my penis size is just 3 inch unerect i am too concern about the thing will it grow ... help me fast 

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14 year old, can't get past pre-cum phase when masturbating

I'm a 14 year old male, and I just started getting into masturbation in the recent days after watching some light porn. The only problem is, that I can only get to the "Pre-Cum" phase, which is basically a clear, slightly cloudy sticky liquid coming out of the tip of my penis.  But...

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I'm 24 years old and I never got my periods form my childhood I'm so worried about it.i consult a dr and he asked me to check the blood test and he  give me some medicine . after taking medicine periods came other time periods doesn't came It's really hard to get married. Without...

User avatar guest

1go on period for 5 days then 1 day at same month

I mistruate for 5 days then 1 day at the same month

User avatar mary

Am I pregnant?!

I'm 16, and my boyfriend and I somehow did it? It was my first time and Like it was in but not completely sex cuz he just put it in for a while but not fully then we stopped cuz he pulled out and came but not in me, after that I got constipated and had stomach aches and headaches! Then I started...

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