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Puberty black heads ?

I have a lot of black heads on the base of my penis close to my pubic hairs and it's only at the base and it's plentiful but it doesn't hurt ... I only got this when I started growing pubic hair I'm 14 and this is scary also I'm a virgin ... PLEASE HELP

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She is having belly swelling and nausea, but she had her clothes on during sex

If a girl had sex with clothes on .can she be ptegnant.becos my friend say that her belly becomes swelling and she want to she is two weeks after sex.

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2 and a half months late

Hello , I am 2 & a half months late on my period . My period is always on time . I took 6 home pregnancy test one every week and all came back negative . Has this happened to anyone else & what was the outcome ? Thank you .

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Chronic severe post op pain following four back surgeries

Have severe low back and bilateral leg pain following spinal fusion from cervical to lumbar spine. Have to live on opioids or cannot function Would like to know if there is any treatment to remove adhesions to minimize the pain or if a pain implant device might help

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what could I possibly take and how much of it to take to cause a natural miscarriage?

I had unprotected sex and I'm only 17 to be 18 in a month or so and I honestly don't want to abort I think that's unnatural but a miscarriage is one the most natural things that happen and I wanted to know what I could possibly take and how much of it to take to cause a natural miscarriage. Someone...

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If I had my menstruation today could we have unprotected sex tonight?

I just had my menstruation today and my boyfriend is coming tonight could he and I make love tonight (unprotected)sex ?

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Pregnant or not ??

Hi me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex i do not remember when tho. on January 8 i got my period it was very very light at first but it was different then other periods it lasted longer then my other periods and i basically missed my date it would of been on the 3rd but my old date was on the 25...

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I have had intense burning and itching in my vagina for about a week now

I have had intense burning and itching in my vagina for about a week now! Tried using Monistat but every time I apply it, the burning becomes severe to the point of tears and then after a while goes away along with the itching. I don't know what to do! I have now started my period and I only use...

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Caugh and pass out

For the last several years in the evenings my husband will caugh just a few time and he's says his throat cuts off and he can't breath. He will pass out sometimes. Tonight he had another spell but normally once he passes out he starts back to breathing again but not tonight. Tonight once he...

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19 and trying to conceive with husband!!

I am 19 and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. My period have always been crazy irregular so pin pointing ovulation is super hard. My last three months have been Oct. 10, Nov. 24, and Dec. 17. I am still waiting for my January period. However, this past July I had a very large ovarian cyst...

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