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anus pleasure

Hello guys i am 19 years old girl i cant purchase lubes i use brush stick in my anus so i dont feel much pleasure now but when i tried it 1 month ago it feeled me pleasure and aaaaa sounds were coming but not now i search then got answer use lubes so what to use? Can i use vagina lubricant for anus...

User avatar maria19997

Severe Pain after having an extensive MRI

I have been experiencing extreme pain in my muscles, joints and bones after having an MRI testing for a mild stroke. The pain started about 2 days after the MRI. The pain occurred very suddenly. It was pain that i have never experienced before and I am in the process of trying to track down the...

User avatar Peggy

Can a testi twist around itself?

I'm 15, and have been experiencing pain in one testi for the past 2 year, on and off, and it's only now that I've decided to check on it, as it's bugging me. Every time I sit down or pulll my legs up, it feel so like my boxers are pressing tightly into the area underneath my testicles and it...

User avatar Neptune

Best facial cream for women with eczema

Hello, I have suffered with eczema since early childhood, but never had it on my face until recently. I have now noticed the tell tale signs of eczema on my face as well and I am hating it!  My question is what facial cream I should use. I would like to start off with an over the counter...

User avatar StarsnStripes

Plan B help!

Okay so I got my period on December the 2nd usually my periods last about 5 to 7 days. I had lost my virginity on December 30th. We didn't use any condoms and I never felt if he cummed in me or not, and he even told me he didn't but I was too paranoid and I didn't trust him so I took the Plan B...

User avatar Maria

Boy who is afraid of driving a car

Hello, I'm new to this website but I feel (no idea why) this is the right place to share my feelings and ask for any help. Excuse my English - not from English speaking countries. I'm 23 years old and I'm having big difficulties with something other people around me take for granted - I'm afraid...

User avatar TryingToBe

Burning during anal sex, Why?

My husband and I tried anal sex for the first time. I didn't have a problem with it because I've done it before in a previous relationship, several years ago. But when we tried it, it burned and was painful. Which was strange because my husband has a average sized penis, and it didn't hurt going in...

User avatar Queen Mii

Typical teener problems of a 14 year old

My parents think i'm still a little kid and it annoys me. I can only do fun things with them, and if I don't they will become mad and I can't go next time :/ My phone needs to be downstairs because otherwise they'll think i'm on my phone the whole night. And if i say I won't and i ask why, they say:...

User avatar Eva

Gumline cavity

I think I have a gumline cavity because there a some brownish spots, my gums are inflamed and sensitive, and my tooth feels loose. I have a dentist appointment next Monday but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to slow the decay and protect the tooth until I go to the dentist.

User avatar CheeseT

in my left collar bone grow big lump, what doctor i should see?

in my left collar bone grow big lump, what doctor i should i see?

User avatar Guest