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urine problems

what does it mean when after u pee theres blood when u wipe but not when u pee

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pain in neck and spine before/during masturbation

I don't masturbate very frequently, but when I am about to my heart starts to Brady very fast, I usually use a pillow to raise my head while lying on my back as this would allow me watch porn on my phone, recently I have this severe pain on my neck and down to my spine. This happens just when I get...

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Severe, intense, nighttime stomach ace for 4 months

For four months, at least once a week, I have been getting an intense and severe stomach ache at which point I can't breathe or walk. It is a cramp like feeling. To try and stop the pain, I must move as much as I can, and bite my duvet.  By the way I'm 14, overweight and I'm a male. If...

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Masterbating tips

Hi I'm 15 and I've been Masterbating for about a year now and I can never reach orgasm, do you have any ways I could masterbate as I want to learn more ways to do it.(please dont say I'm too young).

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I got my period 8days after my last period and now im spotting. It is possible to get pregnant?

Hi, i had my period last week July 8 then finishedjuly 13 i take contraceptive july 17 morning but before that i haf sex on my husband. Then we do it sex again july 20 but i forgotten to take my pill. And then i noticed that im spotting with pinkish then later on brownish. Is it possible to get me...

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Liftesse of each standard

Liftesse of each standard compound which fulfill each of the liftesse necessities, better the tone and feel you saw with your liftesse. This liftesse on an incredibly central level works by holding in the lower dermis of the liftesse. Women are vivaciously more watchful about ....

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Hi Doctors! Or anyone who could answer this question. What does this mean? Thank you!

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Basal fracture and blood in my mucus

My right side eye swelled up after an accident. I noticed some bleeding in my right side nose which later stopped. Doctor said the fracture  will heal in 3 weeks. But l now notice my mucus mixed with blood when l blow my right side nose. Am l  still bleeding? What can l do? 

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hello i am 13 years of age i have had some trouble foe quict a while now 1. sore top belly 2. sore through 3. head aches all the time 4. always tried even after i have sleep for a bit 5. always feel like i have just ran 1,000km 6. runny noise all the time 7. always shacking 8. always feel like i...

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