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20 years on Methadone

What are the chances of coming clean off of methadone/methadose after 20 years?

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Period Problem

so i was starting to get my period on 3/23, I was spotting that day. Then the next day in the morning i felt sick with body ache and feeling so cold and  I was still spotting. I got up to shower hoping it will relax me and slowly my sickness was going away and I was still spotting. The...

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Hi everyone,i am here to let you all know how i got my children with the help of Dr OGUNDU herbs.

Hi everyone,i am here to let you all know how i got my children with the help of Dr OGUNDU herbal center.It was exactly two years of not having a child of my own,me and my husband went to different medical Doctors for check up but still there was no complain about the both of us.I read a testimony...

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Female and male fun

I had sex ed class and I'm 16. Me and this girl missed class last week and my teacher told us to go and finish it together. We were sent to an empty classroom to complete are work. She asked me if she could touch my penis and feel it. I stood there and thought. I got up and locked the door and said...

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Skin attached to head of my penis

Im 14 and masturbate once or twice a week . A few months ago i noticed there was some skin attached to the head of my penis.i have masturbated with soap a few times and after some of the skin had detached now there is like a milimeter attached should i use soap in the shower until it is gone or what...

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Mirena nightmare

I had my Mirena place Nov 2016... It caused very painful sex.. like my boyfriend was stabbing my uterus, I had became very depressed, gained weight, I kept crying like every day for no reason & I was always in pain. I went to my Dr several times and he kept saying your body is adjusting to the...

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my pussy is so watery ....

hi I have been doing some physical exercises for three months now..since I started doing it at first I felt my virginal was so open like NT normal...then now I found my pants so wet....due have been experience some dripping frm my virginal sometimes like urine bt no its not last week I...

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Medapause after having a NovaSure done

After having a NovaSure procedure, is there anything, as far as systems, different going though Medapause?

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Smoking THC - drinking alcohol after getting stitches removed

I had a sabaceous cyst removed 3 weeks ago on March 10 and I was wondering since I get my stitches removed today can I smoke weed and drink with no harm done resulting my body?

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Controlling erections?

Hey I'm 13 and I was wondering if there was a way to control my erections. I get random erections during class and it's kinda annoying. Please help!

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