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15 turning 16 in a month , small penis.

Hi I'm 15 years old and I turn 16 in a month. I have pubic hair , facial hair, armpit hair, leg hair , and pimples. But for as long as I can remember even before puberty my penis has been the same size, which I think is about 4 1/2 inches. Now I'm really starting to worry Its not gonna grow at all....

User avatar Evan

Am I overweight?

I am a 12 year old girl and I weigh 126 am I over weight. I am flat at the chest and have a little tummy but not much.  Most of my “fat” seems to go into my legs and muscle since I play soccer. Am I overweight and we are some tips to start eating healthier 

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I’m terrified

about two days ago I noticed these blister like things on my vaginal area. They don’t hurt, it doesn’t itch, it’s only irritating when I touch them when wiping. I made the mistake of googling what it could be and I’m terrified it’s herpes. But I did also come across this...

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Foreskin penis

I have yellow spots all the way round my foreskin i am only 15 is it something to be worried about please help 

User avatar Jak

About puberty in boys

I am 16 and haven't reached puberty my voice hasn't have cracked and some genetel hairs on penis semen is not coming out .. So please tell what to do

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I’m 14 and when I masturbate only clear stuff comes out. Am I in puberty?

im a 14 year old boy I’m 90lbs and I have clear armpit hairs,some dark pubes, and no leg hair. When I masturbate only clear stuff comes out. Am I in or going in puberty? And when will white cum come out?

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Dermoid cyst

Hi I am 20 yrs old and i got admitted last September 2017, to make it short the doctor found out that I have a dermoid cyst though its not that large as some cases does, but I just wanted to know why is it that I still don't get pregnant even I do have unprotected sex cause I wanted to have baby...

User avatar SGC

Irregular Period??

The past 3 months I've been having a very irregular period. It starts our heavy for a day (with clots) slows to a medium or light flow for a day then stops for anywhere from 24-48 hours then starts up again with a light flow or spotting for a day. I will add in that my fiance and I have been trying...

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pregnant on the coil

Hiya, I'm new on this!! I just need to ask a quick question? is it possible to get pregnant on the coil implant? thanks in advance!

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Small sores with hard cores

Small sores with brown hrd seed looking thing under scab. Barley bleeds and grows back with same thing.

User avatar Barbara