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Which is the best self-pregnancy termination pill?

I want to terminate my unwanted pregnancy by self. Which is the best self-pregnancy termination pill?  

by User avatar christ jerry

Possibly pregnant and has lots of questions!

Hi, I live in Fairfax Station, Virginia. I'm 16 years old, I'm Catholic and I have a great home life and an even greater relationship with my boyfriend. I'm going into the 11th grade this fall. I'm a varsity cheerleader and lacrosse player for my high school and i don't want to give it all up just...

by User avatar Glaxer4life301524

abortion pill while on saboxone???

Answered by a doctor

I was just wondering if any one ever took the abortion pill while on saboxone??? I went yesterday for my signing 24 hour notice for a abortion, and I told them and they was like(whats that) and I told them about saboxone and they told me just don't take it 24 hours before and I should be fine!! If...

by User avatar Guest

I'm 14, and want an abortion

Answered by a doctor

I think I'm pregnant.Can I get an abortion without my mother knowing at 14?

by User avatar um..

When to have an Intercourse after abortion?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am twenty eight years old and ten days ago I had an abortion. It was an unexpected pregnancy. I decided to have an abortion because I feel that I am not ready for a child yet. I think that I should first make a carrier and get married before I have a baby. I would like to continue with my...

by User avatar Guest

orgasm after abortion

Answered by a doctor

How long after an abortion should you wait to masterbate??

by User avatar redhead03909

how to tell if medical abortion is a success?

Answered by a doctor

i had medical abortion. i took 800 mg of cytotec vaginally 3x. this first 800 mg -->i had cramps and low back pain. 4 hrs later i was gushing blood. pretty heavy. then when i pull down my underwear i saw a jelly like ball and my vagina was gushing so much blood. i changed and i wore a maxi...

by User avatar maria00001

How can i stop pregnancy after 1 month of intercourse

I am jst 21 year old  i got pregnant after inter course and now i dont want baby so how can i get rid of that

by User avatar Guest

Will Abortion pill still work if I smoke meth after I take it?

Smoking meth while taking abortion pill. Will the pill still work. I only bleed like 6 hours and had small clots. I was 5 weeks pregnant. Did the abortion pill work.

by User avatar Jennifer7

Abortion,,,, Im sorry

Answered by a doctor

Hello, this are one of the hardest times in my life. I am only 19 and thinking about abortion …Im sorry baby. I am baptized and was thought in church that abortion is a murder… but.. oh, my God … I cannot have this baby!!! We are both too young, although we love each other, but then again...

by User avatar randolph2280