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Can I take Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg for allergy relief?

Can I take 100mg of this for allergy relief?

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Flagyl And ALS

Hi, I suffer from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – ALS, and my neighbour told me to treat it with Flagyl. Why didn’t my doctor prescribe me Flagyl, if it is used for ALS?

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alprim tablets 300mg

I use to have renal bacterial infection very often. I tried to reduce infection with alprim 300mg tablets. I experience nausea and stomach pain occasionally. I am interested if it can be related with some ingredients of alprim tablets. Does anyone have similar experience?

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clindamyacin for tooth infection

Answered by a doctor

I had serious problem with tooth last week. My dentist tried to ease the pain but infection seeped into my face. Then he thought Clindamycin will be right medicine for mine tooth infection. I am worried because I have heard one woman had infection entered into her blood stream. Could anyone tell me...

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tanning and minocycline

Answered by a doctor

Few days ago my doctor prescribed me Minocycline. I was thinking that is going to be like with any other medicine. While my doctor was telling me many warnings about this drug I saw I have to take care about. He said I have to take all of the Minocycline that he prescribes, even if I begin to feel...

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Antibiotics in system with UTI

Answered by a doctor

Can anyone tell me how long antibiotics stay in system with a UTI or bladder infection? Do they continue to work for 7-10 days after medication is finished?

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Generic Cipro to Treat Bacterial Infections

Answered by a doctor

Use Generic Cipro to treat bacterial infections. This drug is bactericidal in nature. It means that it kills the infection causing bacteria. Generic Cipro is considered to be the best drug to get rid of the bacterial infections. No other drug is found to be as effective as generic Cipro. This drug...

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unusual discharge after taking diflucan

about a month and half ago i had a horrible yeast infection. during that time my discharge was very thick and had little white specks in it. after being treated with three doses of diflucan, i'm still experiencing thick discharge, but there are no clumps or specks in it. it is very creamy and...

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what is ciprofloxacin medicine is best for?

Answered by a doctor

I have read in the STD and UTI thread that ciprofloxacin was prescribed to them but was not really a good cure for their ailment. May i ask what does cipro meds is best for. Because I too was prescribes by GP to take it but i never took it simply because ik so scared to try knowing the side effects...

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minocycline and weight gain

:'( I've been taking minocycline tablets (100mg) as suggested by my dermatologist for acne treatment... It is acting too slowly but i can see the difference... The saddest part is that I'm gaining weight at a high rate... i.e. in 6 weeks a 9kg increase... Pls suggest what to do in this.............

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