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Don't take cough medicine drops if you are under 18! It felt like a stimulant for me

I took this product a while back for mild coughing and the Normethdane was like a stimulant to me back when i was 17 and i had head shakes and hand shaking along with tremors. That night i went to the hospital cuz they had told me 5 drops every night. Apparently this amount of drops is wayyyy too...

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Is anyone else allergic to Dextromethorphan?

Answered by a doctor

I had one nasty episode with medications. I had a cold and since I am having asthma I have decided to react before anything serious come out. I took cough suppressant with dextromethorphan. But when I started to take it I have felt the changes. My lips tongue and throat started to enlarge. Swelling...

by User avatar griffie38331

discontining cophylac drops

I am having great troubles with night coughs. I can cough every night until I woke half of building. Sometimes I cough so much that I throw up. I had founded cure for that. I was taking cophylac drops. But now I cant find it anywhere. Can you tell me where I can find it? Some people in pharmacies...

by User avatar kial31629

Does Vaporub work on Acne?

Answered by a doctor

I tried almost everything I could have remembered and nothing worked. I still have problems with acnes. I was at dermatologist and was using some stuff, some to be drunk, some to be put on face. Big nothing came from it. A friend of mine brought me Vaporub. Does Vaporub work on Acne?

by User avatar oralie42570

where can I find cophylac cough syrup or what can replace it?

Where do I find cophylac or what replaces it

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Does Noscapine reduce cough?

Answered by a doctor

I have problems with cough. I am not able to sleep any more. I tried so many medications some artificial and some natural, but none of them helped me. I even ask some friends of mine for advice and now I am asking you, too. Do you have some information about Noscapine? Does Noscapine reduce cough? I...

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Does Nyquil contain any NSAIDS?

Does Nyquil contain any NSAIDS?

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Sudafed Dm side effects, I got uncontrollable diarrhea from it

Anyone get diarrhea from this drug?  I've read most post and don't see that as a complaint.  I'm brutally suffering today after taking Sudafed Dm last night.  I notice this same awful reaction when I take Robitusin DM.  This is odd but I feel the exact way when I have taken a...

by User avatar DeeDee

Is it possible to lose weight after stopping cipla-actin tablets?

Isn't possible to loose weight when your no longer take cipla action tables

by User avatar lethokuhle

Medicine for colds, I am extremely sick

I can't take any medication with dextromethorphan in it , so does anyone know of any cold medicine without it ?. I'm extremely sick.

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