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cystic fibrosis life expectancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have a six months old son. His small intestine was blocked after his birth so he had to undergo a surgery. After the operation the doctors did some additional tests and my boy was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. This was a great shock for me and my husband. The doctor said that condition is...

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Does a Carrier of the CF gene exhibit symptoms?

Answered by a doctor

I have been battling Pancreatitis since November of 08. All of my doctors have told me that I do not exhibit classic symptoms of Pancreatitis, but due to high Lipase levels and the amount of pain I have had, they call it that. They have found a small benign tumor on my pancreas that was removed,...

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adult onset cystic fibrosis

Answered by a doctor

I would like to know a thing or two about adult onset cystic fibrosis. I know that it usually emerges in very young children, babies also. But is it possible that cystic fibrosis can affect an adult? I ask this because I had this question on my last year exam, I passed it but I did not know the...

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Rapid Gastric Emptying not related to Gastric Surgery

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone have rapid gastric emptying that is not related to Gastric Surgery? Also, I don't have any diarrhea, in fact, I have major issues with constipation. I have had numerous GI issues but my dr.'s cannot pinpoint an exact cause for all of my issues. They thought for sure that I have Cystic...

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What to expect health wise as cystic fibrosis patient gets older?

In later years of CF, what does a CF patient go through near death?

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I'm cystic fibrosis carrier with severe digestive issues. Any studies about this?

i am a cf gene carrier and have been having severe digestive issues-is there a study where carriers are prone to other problems of cystic fibrosis but do not have it

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Adult onset cystic fibrosis - any experience among this community?

Has anyone been diagnosed with adult onset cystic fibrosis? Will you share your journey and experience with medical community? 

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Sudden appearance of lung symptoms at 60?

My wife (now 61) has had a stubborn chest problem for around a year or so. Over the past year she's had chest x-rays, scans and so on. Her doctors ruled out lung cancer and COPD but did see small areas of "scarring", one small are in each lung. Her only symptom has been a cough, often several...

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Recently Diagnosed With Emphysema And Cystic Fibrosis

Answered by a doctor

I am 40 yrs. old and was just diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis last week! I was diagnosed with severe Emphysema last month! I have always had breathing problems and problems with my stomach. I was put in the hospital about 5 months ago and was diagnosed with chron's disease! This was the excuse...

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atypical cystic fibrosis

Answered by a doctor

My sister has atypical cystic fibrosis. When I have heard about her illness for the first time I did not know what it is. Then I have started to look for the atypical cystic fibrosis in the literature. Now I know what cystic fibrosis is, but I don't know anything about atypical kind of it. Can you...

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