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How do I deal with depression? My father passed away and I feel like a part of me is empty

Answered by a doctor

I’ve been battling with depression for two weeks now. My dad who have been my greatest hero passed the veil and left the mortal life. I feel like a part of me is empty. I don’t have someone to talk to now, I don’t have someone who will comfort me when I’m in big trouble. I feel lost to this...

by User avatar arayyahoward365106

I lost my mom just eight months ago. Whenever I see her belongings it reminds me of her

I lost my mom just eight months ago. Whenever I see her belongings it reminds me of her. One of my friend told to get rid of everything of my mom's stuff and belongings and rearrange my bedroom so that there won't be reminders. I am really worried and depressed due to this. It is affecting my...

by User avatar Dolljames45348515

Abuse of prescription meds killed my daughter

Hello all, I am an x Steady Health participant from a few years ago. I originally joined in 05 and was pretty active, enough to make it to Moderator. Circumstances didn't allow me to devote much time to the site, so I quit. That was my little introduction. May 14, 2015 changed my life forever...

by User avatar Bbfeet349410

My Girlfriend since 1986 has passed right here at Christmas..Im heartbroken and alone

Answered by a doctor

We had so much in common and she also suffered from high anxiety, ocd, schizo effective disorder... I have high anxiety,depression, ocd and panic disorder myself..We met in a support group in 1986 and got in touch not long after that , started seeing one another and hit it off after that and started...

by User avatar Brian

feelings about bullying and Amanda Todd's death

Answered by a doctor

I know this question might sound pretty silly to some of you but please hear me out on this. A few days ago I heard about the story of Amanda Todd and I was at first not interested but after a while I was interested so I did some research and watched the youtube video that she uploaded before she...

by User avatar Guest

Ever since my best friend died, I've had depression. I dreamt that she died bc of me.

Answered by a doctor

Me and my friend, Kimmy, were best friends for two years even though we were a lot different. I soon found out how different when someone told me about how many guys she had slept with. Me, being a virgin, didn't want a bad reputation for just hanging out with her but I wasn't going to stop being...

by User avatar SaraJeanA259979

Jarring disconnect after girlfriends father passed

I have been with my girlfriend for over 2 years. We have one of those relationships that sickens people, we are soulmates and tell each other every day. We are currently hundreds of miles apart, as work forced me to move. We were to reunite after her university finals at the end of this month. Then,...

by User avatar DarLow318365

Husband with major sore stomach and vomiting 2hours later I find him dead

Answered by a doctor


by User avatar Guest

My girlfriend killed herself on the 14th October 2012 and I dont know what to do?

i dont know what to do! she was and still is my world and i love her more than anything.. we had known each other for well over a year and had fell in love unconditionally and spectacually very quickly. we began going out (offically) a little over two weeks before she took her own life and im...

by User avatar violetwoes263752

I can't grief

Hi i am 17 years old and i loss mi cuz jame 6 years ago i just grief for that. And mi nan passed away 2 years ago but no matter how hared i tray i cant grief for her. And it is killing me inside i dont kown what to do sometime i lock myself in my room and i dont eat. Me and mi bf cant move on i just...

by User avatar paige hunt222493