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Friends voice broke, hair under armpits etc but unable to ejaculate:

My friends voice has broke, he has hair under his armpits and all that but when our mates are talking about girls and that he expresses anger that he isnt able to ejaculate yet. Is it normal? He goes on about how he really wants kids and that when he is older and would hate to tell him that he might...

by User avatar John_Doe

Erect penis size for a 13 years old?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 13 years old and have an erect penis size of 4.5 inches. Is that normal?

by User avatar Harshbir 354959

any tips on how to get a bigger penis for a 15 year old boy?

I'm 15 year old with a 5 inch dick I Wana get a 6+ inch dick is there any way you can give me tips how to grow my dick size in like a day or something thank you 

by User avatar Howtobasic

Penis size at 14 years old? do I have a micro penis? I have the same size as long as I can remember

I'm 14 and my penis has been the same size for as long as I can rember, about 1.2 inch not hard, but 2 to 3 hard now when I push the skin we're he hair grows it's like 3.9 to 4,2 all my friends say they have 6 to 7 and make fun of me am I normal?  

by User avatar Guest

Will my manhood grow and can it satisfy a girl?

Well i started puberty at the age of 15 and now am 16 turning 17 soon. My penis size just now is 3'5 inch flaccid and when erect just about 6 inchs. Am just wondering since i started puberty a little bitty later will it get bigger than 6 inch? maybe 6'5 or 7 inch. Because i sometimes watch amateur...

by User avatar Guest

underwear or freeballing?

Answered by a doctor

I’ve heard a lot about a freeballing lately, so I’m just interested in what you prefer??? I personally prefer wearing my underwear, simply because I think it is “safer”… What about you???

by User avatar Guest

Should 15 year old boys shave the pubic hair

Should 15 year old boys shave the pubic hair

by User avatar Jarryd123351506

How can I increase my penis size? I want a bigger girth.

Dear Sir,   My Penis Size 7 inches but round is 2 inches. i want my penis size 9 imches and round 4 to 5 inches.  Please tell me medicine name

by User avatar Guest

Can a male shave his pubic area with a shaving cream?

Ive been searching for a while and no site gave me an answer for this question so here it is. Can you shave your pubic area (im a male) with shaving cream? And why does every site tell you to use shaving oil? What is the difference? 

by User avatar Guest

When Will my "balls drop"?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 15 and my penis hasn't grown since I can remember. It's about 1.3 inches soft. I hear people talking about your balls drop or something. Also that you wake up one day and you have a puddle when you've experienced a big penis growth (I don't want to call it puberty because puberty is more than...

by User avatar PleaseAnswer