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Blackhead like lumps around anus

Answered by a doctor

I was showering tonight and while washing the said area I felt a couple bumps. After looking at them in the mirror they looked like blackheads, I pinched one out. It was about a quarter of an inch long, the body was white, and the tip was dark. Whenever i squeezed the "blackhead" in my...

by User avatar oPeaceMakero92670

Average penis size for 13 year old

Answered by a doctor

I'm 13 and my penis is 6.5 inches long erect. Is that normal?

by User avatar Jacob

Can you use a tea tree oil to make your penis bigger?

Can you use tea tree oil rub it on your penis or go big

by User avatar Guest

is my penis small? I'm 13 and have only an inch long

is my penis small? 1 inch and im 13

by User avatar Guest

Can circumcision be a cause of impotence through desensitisation and mess up your sex life forever?

Truth Please. I was circumcised when I was about three years old as I was in agony being unable to pee as the tip of my foreskin would not fully retract. Can circumcision from child hood prevent an erection or at least a decent one. I have NEVER had a spontaneous erection. I have to start touching...

by User avatar James

After having TURP I can not get an erection nor can I ejaculate. Is there a way to repair it?

After having TURP I can not get an erection nor can I ejaculate.  Is there a way to repair or reverse?  

by User avatar Guest

have I hit puberty yet? I have the tiniest bit of facial hair but you cant see it cause it's blonde

Hey, I am a 13 year old boy and I don't think I have hit puberty yet, I am 5foot6 quite tall but that's cause my dad is. I have no armpit hair or chest hair, I have a tiny bit of public hair on my testicles, I haven't had any voice cracks and my penis hasn't gotten any bigger, I have the tiniest bit...

by User avatar Guest

average size penis for a 14 year old

average size penis for a 14 year old

by User avatar Hiskies

When I masturbate, I produce clear liquid. Is this a sign of me going through puberty?

Hi I'm a 13yo turning 14yo male. Is this a sign of me going through puberty. When I masterbait I produce some liquid and I have a couple of hairs growing down there. Is this a sign of something

by User avatar Guest