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I lost all of my will, I have decreased appetite, always tired and losing weight

reduced eating, tired feeling, don't feel like doing anything, just want to stay in bed, weight loss, can't sleep at night, head hurts all the time, feels like my thoughts won't turn off, feelings all over place. Please HELP!!

by User avatar Guest

brain crackling

Answered by a doctor

I would like to know why I hear a brain crackling in my head. I am a normal, pretty easy-going person. I am a 48 year old woman. I have had this off and on my whole life. Some years it does not happen and then another year, I will hear it every month or so. Even my daughter can hear it when she...

by User avatar rainbow1103892

unusual 'fast feeling' in my head

Answered by a doctor

since I was a little kid I would get these really strange 'feelings' in my brain. They were quite frequent when I was younger but only happens about twice a year now (22 years old) It's a really difficult thing to explain but I will try my best because I really want to know what causes it. When I...

by User avatar markbrighton

confusing feelings on fingers, "thick" and "thin" at the same time, heart beatin

Answered by a doctor

Heisann! Im 26 year old girl, the phenomena I will describe happens from 6-7 years old (not 100% sure). Note: Im NOT drinking, smoking, taking drugs or any medication. This can happen anywhere and in any condition I am. I can be healthy walking outside or having fever lying on my bed, tired and sad...

by User avatar fireflyon54349

What causes burning in my palms of my hands?

Answered by a doctor

I have just started to experience severe burning in my right palm last week, not even ICE helped. Now today, My left hand was burning so much that I could not stop it. It felt like a FIRE BALL was sitting in my palm. What causes this and how to stop it? Some people tell me that if I lay my...

by User avatar colorado springs

Bruised feeling all over body after drinking alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I would like to know if anybody else has ever had this problem and if yes I really want to know what exactly causes this... I first started drinking alcohol about five years ago. I only drink maybe two nights in one month, mainly on special occasions or just to go and catch up with my friends and...

by User avatar Guest

Short Term Memory Loss From A Seizure

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I had a seizure two days ago. After it, I couldn`t remember a thing for a while. Is short term memory loss from a seizure possible? I felt like I have a black hole inside my head. Then my memory came back. But I can`t still recall some things during the seizure – I didn`t faint.

by User avatar gilmore1553

Electric shock feeling thru whole body

Answered by a doctor

I hope someone can help me out. I have just gone thru a bad bout with insomnia. I have been on quite a few medications thru the last 4 years. The insomnia came about just as I was comming down with some type of bacterial infection. The doctor put me on cipro. I have been on it for about 5 days now....

by User avatar syrinx2112

My husband IS generally sick/ill with something most of the time?

Answered by a doctor

I think I just need a shoulder to cry on - I'm burnt out! My hubby (now 64) has a problem and it may even be psychological one, in that for the past few years he gets sick, tired, sore or ill at least once per week. What generally happens (because he does suffer with arthritis) is this is used...

by User avatar OhJo138354

head twitching

Answered by a doctor

hello i just recently started having my head twitch on the left side above the ear, it doesnt twitch alot but twitches once in awhile is there anything i can do about this?

by User avatar shark2110