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Wake up in the morning with Loss of Balance

I am a 20 year old male 5'8 130 pounds and for the past 2 days i have woken up in the morning with a loss of balance. It will go away within an hour but it has me worried. I do not have a fever i have checked my blood pressure and i got a 127 over 74. thank you

by User avatar Tvp123124013

Pins & needles and a numbness feeling in arms, hands, legs and feet.

Answered by a doctor

I have been getting pins & needles everyday for the last 4 weeks. It first started in just my fingers and feet but now has worsened and is in my legs and arms and hands. I also experience cramps and spasms in these areas and my finger tips inparticular often go numb. It is painful at times but...

by User avatar Guest

pain and numbness which radiates across the width of my shoulders and down my spine?

I have pain which radiates across the width of my shoulders and down my spine. This is associated with partial numbness in both shoulders, the left shoulder has an almost constant "burning" sensation (especially if under strain while carrying something or extended above my head) The right side...

by User avatar Ozi78

Lightheaded and Dizzy. What could it be?

Answered by a doctor

hello, i've been very light headed and dizzy lately. Ever sense around last september(2006) i've felt really dizzy, sometimes lightheaded and sometimes i feel like i'm going to pass out..i never do pass out but i get the feeling. I've been to the doctors many times, they treated me for vertigo...

by User avatar HolliD12357551

Slight fever every evening

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am 24 years old male and I have very specific problem. I have slight fever every evening while during a day everything is fine. I don't know what may be the reason for it but it really annoys me and I become very nervous because of it. If someone had similar problem please share with me your...

by User avatar mendy25366

Dramatic response to treatment in parkinson's disease

Dramatic response in treatment in parkinson's disease – that is what happened to my brother after the first several days of medication therapy. He has been diagnosed with parkinson's disease two weeks ago. He immediately started taking drugs and the improvement is already showing, thank God....

by User avatar Guest

Freibergs disease

Answered by a doctor

Hello all. My daughter is a college student and some 3 months ago she started to have pain in her foot. Not so long ago she visited an orthopedic and after an examination she was diagnosed with Freibergs disease. So, my question is: what over the counter medication would you recommend she take for...

by User avatar Guest

Electric shock feeling thru whole body

Answered by a doctor

I hope someone can help me out. I have just gone thru a bad bout with insomnia. I have been on quite a few medications thru the last 4 years. The insomnia came about just as I was comming down with some type of bacterial infection. The doctor put me on cipro. I have been on it for about 5 days now....

by User avatar syrinx2112

Painful stomach ache and fainting!

Answered by a doctor

I am 18 years old, female - occasionally I wake up at around 5-6am (always around this time never any other time during the day) due to a very painful stomach ache. I get up out of my bed and feel slighty light-headed - while I walk to the toilet I begin to black out. 9 times out of 10 I faint. This...

by User avatar drina24106832

Pulsating feeling in head - slight dizziness

Answered by a doctor

I am having these pulsating dizzy spells in my head. They only last a few seconds at a time. It is not painful but I am feeling like I am about to lose it when this happens. I have been seeing a endocrinologist for my thyroid (it is normal right now). I am getting very concerned about this...

by User avatar Jof213778