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swollen,painful fingers on both hands in the morning.

For the past year, I've experienced gradual changes to what I thought was just sleeping on my hands wrong which caused a tingling of the hands upon raising. Now my fingers - more on my right hand than my left, are getting swollen and very tight feeling and while I still have use of my hands, I find...

by User avatar drio

silver does NOT tarnish on my skin, it shines in fact even more!

Answered by a doctor

As the subject above, silver objects do not tarnish (darkens) on me but gets more shiny! Even if I wear a ring, a bracelet og earrings being tarnished on the inside parts of it (that is supposed to be part of the design) on my skin will just start shining like it was never tarnished on purpose!...

by User avatar fireflyon54349

Pulsating feeling in head - slight dizziness

Answered by a doctor

I am having these pulsating dizzy spells in my head. They only last a few seconds at a time. It is not painful but I am feeling like I am about to lose it when this happens. I have been seeing a endocrinologist for my thyroid (it is normal right now). I am getting very concerned about this...

by User avatar Jof213778

Lightheaded when sitting at computer, not moving

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I know there have been hundreds of topics on this subject, but it's a really broad subject, and I have some other weird symptoms too, please take a look: It all started last Friday, with a weird dizziness, a really short blackout of some sort, that was even until today the most severe...

by User avatar Male24_162748162748

Brain MRI, Can an mri on your head leave you feeling dizzy?

I have recently had an mri and three days after i woke up very dizzy and had to sit down,it is slowly improving with every day, it has now been a week and i feel almost normal again.

by User avatar Martin

Constant headache , feeling ill everyday

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone :-) First time poster here. I am looking for answers everywhere I can as to whats wrong with me, please any advise would be great. Ive had a constant headache now for around 3 months, I wake with it, in the 3 months i have probably had 5-7 days of relief from it. Thats only half my...

by User avatar MarkinIreland25468

Sudden Head Pain Upon Movement

Answered by a doctor

I have this pain in my head when I make sudden movement. It is like a headache but I also feel like my face is swollen sometimes. Anyway, I was wondering does anyone knows what I am talking about. If anyone experienced sudden head pain upon movement I would like to hear. Thanks.

by User avatar Guest

Pain and burning - Left side - Neck, Scapula. Cracking sounds while moving shoulder around.

Answered by a doctor

I've had an ongoing pain in the left hand side of my neck, scapula and shoulder blade for the last 4 months. I've been off work for 9 weeks dealing with the pain.  The pain became so bad that I couldn't sit in a chair without having pain on my back next to my armpit & a strong burning pain up...

by User avatar VanGuy

isuues after spinal tap (lumbar puncture)?

Answered by a doctor

Posts: 354 Report abuse Posted: 03/03/09 - 01:57 Post subject: Issues after spinal tap (lumbar puncture)? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I underwent a spinal tap last week, 6 days ago to be exact. I followed orders to the tee, drank...

by User avatar ksf19200

weird feeling in my head

Answered by a doctor

so i have been having different symptoms for a while now, every time i see a doctor they say i am alright. for past month or so i have been having weird feeling in my head, it last for a few seconds and then usually goes to another part of my head, last a few seconds, it might last all together a...

by User avatar Guest