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Strange bounce in vision while running

Answered by a doctor

A strange question, but I have recently had an attack of vertigo (since resolved). Can people advise if when they run and their foot hits the pavement (with resultant vibration through the body ) there is a brief bounce or shake to their vision ahead (i.e. if they are looking in the distance at a...

by User avatar shark

Running with fibromyalgia?

Answered by a doctor

Ive been diagnosed with fibromyalgia recently after several very unpleasant and painful episodes during which I could hardly walk, let alone run. Im drinking medications and have to take care about myself more than I used to. Doctors advised me to practice moderate physical activity. Im an avid...

by User avatar gideon

how to start running after accident?

Not running after accident please give some video to perform a running

by User avatar Guest

Shin Splints right before marathon---HELP!!

Answered by a doctor

I have posted on this site before a while ago and am training for my first marathon. I am following Hal Higdon's program actually because many of you recommended it. I am in my second last week of my training currently. I have trained successfully the whole way thru until last week. Here is how it...

by User avatar Guest

Is 'low-altitude' ITBS a thing?

Anyone have any idea why my ITBS flares up after 30 minutes when I run back here at home in the lowlands of Iowa? This is the 3rd summer that this has happened. I live in Ecuador at 9,000 ft and have no ITBS problems. I come home for a bit of summer break and it hits me big time after 3 miles, 30...

by User avatar gocubbies

How do you pull a muscle in your back while running?

Answered by a doctor

How the "H" "E" "Double Hockey Sticks" do you pull a muscle in your back while running. I seem to have done that this morning and it is now nice and painful when bending in certain normal every day ways. :argh:

by User avatar Floridaboiler

who here has sprained one (or both) of their ankle(s)?

I just sprained my right ankle last week, which means no running for a while. Anybody else? I'd love to hear your stories! I never knew how easily a sprain could happen... 8O

by User avatar beanie

Help with Shin and Calf Burning While Running

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am 34 year old male, about 5' 7" 165 pounds. I used to run all the time, on tracks, on the street, etc. and I never had a problem with running. About 5 years ago when I was about 29 years old I couldn't run anymore for any prolonged period of time. The reason was because everytime I...

by User avatar Guest

I think I might quit running forever

Answered by a doctor

I went to the eye doctor for a follow-up visit to ensure the viral conjunctivitis that plagued me from October to March was gone. Instead I found out I had a different strain, and from 6pm to midnight had to put antibiotic eyedrops in my eyes every half hour, and then every hour thereafter through...

by User avatar elkid

Allergy meds before you run?

Answered by a doctor

Do any of you take allergy meds before you run (1 hr. or so)? I am leary of doing so. Can you help me with this. Thanks.

by User avatar Noley