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Can i get chlamidia from anything but sex?

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 22 year old male and I have some important questions. You see, they are about my best friend. Just recently she has admitted to me that she suffers from some Chlamydia infection and since then- I can't stop thinking on it. You see, I know that she isn’t sexually active and I was just...

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When I was pregnant I found out I had Chlamydia. I barely took the 1g single dose of azithromycin

When I was pregnant I found out I had Chlamydia. I barely took the the 1g single dose packet of azithromycin in powder in about your long will I be cured? Will 1g help if I just took it one time? 

by User avatar Jmejia915

Discharge from penis..all tests negative and no idea

Answered by a doctor

For the last few months I have been having a discharge after urination it is white and yellowish and it happens only about once a day sometimes once every couple of days. I haven't been sexually active in over 8 months and was tested about one and a half months ago for this. I had an HIV test,...

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How did I get chlamydia in faithful relationship?

Answered by a doctor

So, almost a year ago my girlfriend (which I had been with for 10 months at this point) went for her to her gynecologist because I had a rash on my penis, which I had my doctor look at and he said it was just an irritation and to put some Cortizone cream on it and this was in June 2011. When my...

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is the warm feeling in my feet a sign of HIV? I had unprotected oral sex over a year ago

Hello, over a year ago so december 2016 I had unprotected oral sex with a man I'd known for a while, there was no cum/semen in my mouth, and we did not have sex. I have never had sex, we just made out after that. However, I feared I had contracted HIV however when I started to donate blood, in...

by User avatar aaliyahjacobs_x

I took zithromax for chlamydia. When will I see some results?

Answered by a doctor

I just took a single dose of zithromax to cure chlamydia. How long before the symptoms start to go away. Its been about 30 hours and I feel a little better but I still have a discomfort.

by User avatar molly11

Pimple like bump on my clit and around the area

I have 4 pimple like bumps one on the left and three on the right. I've read it here that it could be normal and often shows when its the time of the month. I did notice it on the 3rd day of my period. I originally have 3 bumps, but I accidentalaly scratched the one on my clit while cleaning...

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Diagnosed with chlamydia, my partner got it from me, now I need to give him azithromycin to cure it

Answered by a doctor

So I recently tested positive for chlamydia and was prescribed azithromycin to cure it. 4x250mg tablets. Done. Just waiting for it to pass now. The problem is, my partner (male) has also contracted it from me, currently without his knowledge but I've identified the symptoms (anal infection). I was...

by User avatar Needadvice123

Tip of Penis Cold and General discomfort in Lower Region

Answered by a doctor

Hello I want to describe an issue I have had for approx 2 years now, with the interest if anybody has any idea what is going on with my body. Before I tell you the symptoms, I want to say that I have been to plenty of allopathic doctors and hospital and tried all their antibodics and nothing...

by User avatar marius

I had unprotected sex friday, and I'm worried I got an STD or HIV.

Answered by a doctor

HeyI'm a 17 year old male, whom went to a party last friday and met this chick... we hooked up and I "stuck it in" for a minute and then pulled out because I was being an idiot. I didn't have a condom, and I realized she could have HIV or some form of STD. I heard she has been around a lot... and...

by User avatar Alex