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Okay well I've had these flesh colored bumps/lumps on my lips and labia of my vagina since i can remember but I'm getting more and more worried about them and cant pluck up the courage to see a nurse at the clinic as they were rude to me and made me feel uneasy last time i was there , my doctors also family friend

but they don't hurt they don't itch they're not red there skin colored , i need help knowing what they are because if they were genital warts I'm sure my boyfriend of 3 months would have caught them or noticed them by now ? i do shave every 3 days so could it be shaving bumps ? but they aren't at the top of my vagina like the big triangle part at the top if you know where I'm on about where the triangle of pubic hair grows .

if anyone knows what this could be please could you tell me because I'm freaking out . x ? ? ? %-) :$


Hi honey! Sounds like genital warts - which is TOTALLY treatable! So see if you can get in at a Sexual Health Clinic - and get tested! Also honey! Perhaps it's your new boyfreind that has given them to you!? Do you wear a condom - hope so - there are 2 STI's that you can still get when wearing a condom - genital warts, and herpes (from oral sex, or fingering with infection on hands) Shaving causes ingrown hairs - like bumps that become redenned!

So get some help ASAP, have your boyfriend go with you too - because you both need testing and treating! And let me know OK? Good luck! And also IF they are rude, just say "Excuse me?! We are here for a VERY upsetting reason, and your attitude is NOT appreciated" The reason why I want you to say it like that is IF you go further, they can actually have you taken out of the hospital and put on a ban! OR even have you arrested! So just watch your words - the most cutting is a sentence like above! Polite and to the point1