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What do people think when you tell them how many miles you run?

I get the most interesting reactions...

by User avatar youngrunner

LI Marathon report

Answered by a doctor

Beautiful Morning for a Marathon, temp at racetime was a perfect 53 F. I hesitatingly decided to run today, knowing full well that my training has lacked focus, and I have not put in the proper mileage, especially over the past month and a half or so. Starting horn sounded: mile 1 7:15 (too...

by User avatar monk25

Chicago Marathon Report...3:39:19

Answered by a doctor

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Around 50 degrees at the start and a bit overcast. I didn't know what to expect, this being my first, and I was worried about my knee that had been bothering me since just after Labor Day. I went in thinking to myself, just finishing 18 weeks of...

by User avatar Guest

Canal Classic 5k

The short of it: 5:57, 6:14, 6:31 and 19:17. 4th in AG. A nice day for a run after tons of rain, a power outage, more rain, etc. Much of the course is on a trail and somehow it wasn't a total mudbogging event - trail was in pretty decent shape. Mile 1: good downhill in first mile, somewhat...

by User avatar robp

MY First 50K Race Report

The Short Version: The long version is below. It was a warm and sunny morning on March 28, 2004. The Runner had been waiting since 7 am for the start of the race. The race director gives out the final race instructions. The runners that were gathered were all in a good mood. Most were doing...

by User avatar Guest

my first half marathon!

Answered by a doctor

It was a long slow process (not sure my official time yet but the clock I think said 2:46 when I went under it) but I made it and I'm so proud! I'm slow always, but that time is slower than I normally would have wanted. However, considering my circumstances of late (training sporadic at best, no...

by User avatar cherylpf

Race Report - Towpath Marathon

Answered by a doctor

This was such a cool marathon! My day started early, as I had to drive to the finish line in Cleveland, park the car, and take a train out to the marathon starting line with the rest of the marathoners. This was the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic railroad train, an old train. I had never been on a real...

by User avatar roughausen

My first marathon report

Answered by a doctor

Okay it is...for what it is worth. My original plans were to complete the race in under 5:00. I was pretty much right on track up until somewhere between mile 10-13. When I reached the 1/2 marathon mark at 2:45 I knew I was in trouble. :( Just before I stepped over the start line...

by User avatar DCRunningDiva

My First Marathon

Answered by a doctor

I'm back from the lovely land of Disney and I completed my first marathon successfully. My husband and I had planned on running together and actually managed to do so without killing eachother. We finished with a time of 3:55:13. It was a great day in the low 50's. It started at 6am with some...

by User avatar Dancer

What was your worst and best race?

Looking back: What was your worst race? What was your best race? What is your favorite race?

by User avatar Cappy