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Side Effects Of Alcohol Intake

Sasa Milosevic, MD Nutrition & Dieting

All of you have certainly heard of, and most of you have probably experienced, some side effects of alcohol intake. Excess alcohol consumption results in short-term and long-term side effects, which...

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Missed Periods Due To Anemia

Dhruv Gupta, MD Nutrition & Dieting

Anemia is a medical condition in which tissues do not receive an adequate amount of oxygen, leading to a number of changes and possibly even long-term damage. The reason for developing anemia...

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Water: How Much Is Enough?

Robert Rister Nutrition & Dieting

Back in 1992, an Iranian doctor named F. Batmanghelidj wrote a book entitled Your Body's Many Cries For Water. An immediate bestseller, the book persuaded many American readers that dehydration was...