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Safe dosage of Xanax for 12 year old girl for sleep

what is the recommended dosage for a 12 year old girl of Xanax for sleep. My Dr says 1/2 mg.

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low fat diet after post gallbladder removal

need daily diet    

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After prostatectomy

Most of the sex questions posted here are from teenagers but here's one from an old guy who wishes he still had their problems! I had a prostatectomy almost 2 years ago. It was robotic surgery with nerve sparing on one side and the outcome was about as good as can be expected. I'm no longer wearing...

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Period or not?

Hey, I am 13 years old, a virgin. I had brown discharge for about 6 days and now it’s back to white discharge. I don’t know if it was my period since I haven’t got my first one yet, please help

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Kidney transplant

is taking cbd oil good for a kidney transplant patient.???

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Hurt to touch

my breasts hurt on the side or underneath when I touch them. I am 13 and have also been getting brown discharge for a week

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First period 5 months ago

I had my first period 5 months ago and it lasted 3 days but hasn’t returned since. I’m really worried and wondering why it’s late because I’m not pregnant 

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Pregnancy question

So I take bc everyday and never missed a pill recently did dry humping with underwear on for both of us what are chances of being pregnant if I take birth control and also this is a few days before period time

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Will Abortion pill still work if I smoke meth after I take it?

Smoking meth while taking abortion pill. Will the pill still work. I only bleed like 6 hours and had small clots. I was 5 weeks pregnant. Did the abortion pill work.

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I've missed my periods twice this year once in March and never came back on my period untill June

Hiya. I've missed my periods twice this year once in March and never came back on my period till June don't know why, and got all the pregnancy symptoms and did 18 tests and they come up positive?? Weird yep I no. Now yet again I was supposed to come on my period again November 30th 2018 and I'm...

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