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Period issues

My 7 day period ended Sunday but now it's Tuesday and it's back. I haven't had sex or did anything. I dont take brith control and I have a constant  sharp pain in my stomach. Help me

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From light spotting to heavy bleed and blood clots after depo provera ran out

ImI really  worried my depo provera ran out and I've been bleeding for over a week it started off as light spotting and stomach cramps now its blood clots and heavy bleeding the stomach  cramp and a pain is still continuing if anything getting worse experienced pain in stomach,...

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I have a small white pimple right under my penis head

I have this white small pimples like thing right under my penis head .....right under where the phenish head curves to join the shaft has never pained and i can retract my foreskin this a medical condition ??

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I fractured my foot Saturday and am looking to find out what to ask when finding a Surgeon

Hi,  I broke my foot 2/17/18 and am looking for a surgeon to repair it.  What questions would you recommend me to ask when trying to find the best surgeon possible and what can I expect with surgery and recovery?

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I’m thirteen years old (female) and I think I’m a little too horny for my age

I’m thirteen years old (female) and I think I’m a little too turned on for my age. I know some people say it’s normal, but I feel like I crossed that line... Please help me on stopping this..

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My period comes every 2 or 3 months

Am 23yrs old .my period comes once in 2 months or 3 months..pls wat causes it

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Yoruba name for Saw Palmetto

Please, help find the Yoruba mane for Saw Palmetto.

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used cashew oil for pearly penile papules and it stings a little

Just tried cahsew oil on my ppp and it stings a little i hope it works

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Tube-Like Hard Lump On Testicle, it looks like a hardened vein

I recently found a short tube-like, semi hard lump, almost like a little ridge, like a hardened vein. It seems to be connected to the epididymis, but I can't tell for sure. Could a longer, sprawled out lump be cancerous? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, in need of peace...

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I've been experiencing pregnancy symptoms, but my pregnancy tests are always negative

I been experiencing pregnancy symptoms but my p.t was always delayed 3 months and 3 weeks until yesterday.but now I have menstruation but it stop worry

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