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Pregnancy by precum and grinding

Me and my boyfriend were involved in some physical activity. We didn't have sex but there was a lot of rubbing and grinding he did not cum near me. But i have a doubt that there was his precum. Are there any chances of me getting pregnant. We had done this on 10th day after my last day of period.

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Women’s health

So I’m 14 and my ex fingered me and I got these red bumps but I had just shaved so I thought that’s what it was from. Then my new boyfriend fingered me and the night after I started getting little red bumps too. I’m scared I have like a std or something. It doesn't hurt to pee or anything...

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Penis foreskin peels back as if it were circumcised

Penis foreskin peels back and looks as if it were circumcised when i am not. I am 14 and i masturbate if that has something to do with it. It doesnt just happen during an erection, but sometime ill feel a sudden pain from my penis and when i look my glans is exposed and touching the fabric of my...

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Boys penis

Boys: I’m 14 and feel like my penis size is too small please be honest and tell me how big you are and are willing to compare if so I can FaceTime or something I’m 1” soft and 3”5 hard

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Sexual education

What happens if my boyfriend just put his penis inside my vagina a little bit and do not push and pull? Will it breaks my hymen?

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Heartbroken Since 2012, Can't Get This Person Out of My Mind

I know this sounds lame, but I had a very, very bad heartbreak in 2012. To this day, I am still recovering. I don't cry and feel depressed everyday like I once did, but about 1-2 times a month I feel the worst sadness about it. No matter how much I try not to think about this person, it's almost as...

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Masterbation orgasm

Is it weird that I like to flex my body when i have an orgasm

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I had my first sexual experience last night and we did it without any protection

im 15 and i had my first experience last night around 5... and we did it without any protection (i know it’s extremely dumb) and he came and pulled out quickly but im not sure if it was inside me and he isn’t either? Is there anyway i could tell if he did or not? Also could pre-cum be...

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Charlie horses in upper stomach

I get bad muscle spasms in my upper right side stomach. I can feel it move and turn like a fist. The only relief I know to do is press hard into the muscle. I need to find the reason behind it.I have gone to the Dr. And he prescribed Baclofen  but I want to know why it happens. Anybody else...

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how do i get my hole moist with out lube and best substitutes for a dildo

hi im 15 and enjoy exploring myself. i have never fingerd my self or used a dildo how would i go about it. i can never seem to get my hole wet i tried spit and water but i know for a fact i will never get my hands on lube . i havent come out gay to my parents and dont want them to find...

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