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My sister is always yelling at me and I start crying. She wants me to open up, but I'm scared

I've been living with my sister for 2 months. I get yelled at everyday, even for the little things. Like I guess it seems like I have an attitude. But I get yelled at and everytime I get yelled at I cry. I then get yelled at for crying. My sister says that when I cry she gets mad. She said that it's...

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Torn ACL/Meniscus and pain 15 months after surgery. Does she need x-ray or MRI done?

My daughter had surgery to repair torn ACL/Miniscus 15 months ago. Surgery went well, along with therapy. She was able to play soccer in school 9 months later and didn't seem to have any issues. But now she is playing basketball and she is in alot of pain after playing. Do you think she might need...

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If you are on Nutrisystem and notice you are losing hair, I believe it is due to the diet

If you are on Nutrisystem and notice you are losing hair, I believe it is due to the diet.  My story:  I did this diet two years ago and lost 20 lbs.  I liked the food and it was easy to follow. I then started losing my hair. I went to a dermatologist and they gave me Spironolactone...

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Is left epididymal head cyst with bilateral hydroceles and left varicocele reason for infertility?

I have had this for over a year and a half it was first diagnosed as only a cyst and that it should have gone away in 2-3 weeks but never did... i am worried about being infertile i am only 17 1/2. I have constant pain but have learned to ignore it.

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Do I need to worry because they spotted something in my left upper lung?

For spot film left upper lung & lordotic view I'm worry mam / sir

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The EEG test cannot cause any side effects as your brain is making electrical activity all the time

An EEG is a recording of the electrical activity of the brain. This process cannot create any side effects as your brain is making this electrical activity all the time regardless. The technician may ask you to perform hyperventilation during the test which can make you feel a bit light headed...

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Small lump in lower right eyelid, skin inside (the part that touches the eyeball) is redder

So i recently noticed a small lump in my lower right eyelid (closer to the inner corner of the eye than the outer corner). its hard and somewhat painful to the touch but the outside skin isnt red. What is red however is the skin behind it which is in contact with the actual eyeball (at least redder...

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Trying to decipher my PET scan results. EF seems high at rest and under stress

I also have mitral valve insufficiency, hypertension since age 40, high cholesterol and high triglycerides all controlled at this time with meds.    Reason for Appointment 1. PET - SP Vital Signs Wt 150 lbs, Ht 61 in, BMI 28.34 Index, BP 106/66 mm Hg,...

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Unprotected sex after masturbation. What are the chances of her getting pregnant?

I masturbated and after 30 mins without washing penis i start having sex with her and now i am afraid of ll she get pregnant? Plz help me

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My whole body itches. I don't see any red stings on my body. Can it be from our pets?

Itching, something is biting me. I don’t see any red stings on my body. Just itching. We have dogs & cats. Never a problem.

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