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Teen girl masturbating

Hi im a 13 year old girl and I love masturbating. I really want to experience an orgasm but don’t want to put anything into my vagina - so just things live rubbing. Can you tell me any tips and tricks!??!!

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Please help me.

Please help me. Normally I am a very quiet person but after I drink I behave like the entire world owes me their life. After drinking I behave like everyone else is stupid and I am the only person who has brains in this entire world. I am married with my wife whom I love dearly but after drinking I...

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Advice please

Got headache and a bit of a temp and my neck  feels weird My Throat is killing me and my body is aching

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Left neck lymph node

I've noticed the lymph node under the left side of my jaw is bigger than my right . When I look at the swollen side of my face it's not very obvious that it's swollen , but you can see my jawline is less defined than my right . Is this normal ? 

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These individuals can fill

These individuals can fill in as your inspirations, they will help remind you, when difficulties arise, why you needed to get more fit in any case. Don't under gauge this, bolster assemble assume a critical job in a fruitful health improvement plan. Any great eating regimen plan and exercise program...

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Self-pregnancy termination Pill

I want to terminate my unwanted pregnancy by self. Which is the best self-pregnancy termination pill?  

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Medicated for hypothyroid even though tests show within normal levels...

Hi all,  Im a 28 yo female who has been experiencing these symptoms for the past 11 years: Extreme fatigue, unexplained weight gain/high weight even with 2+ hrs of exercise daily and  moderate-significant calorie deficits, fogginess, excessive thirst as well...

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What to do if artery is too small for stenting?

What to do if artery is too small for stenting?

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can tonsillectomy cause a swollen tongue?

Hello can a swollen tongue be a reason caused by removing tonsills

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finally diagnosed with Freiberg's disease osteoarthritis. anyone here got diagnosis later in life?

hi my name is Karen when I was a teenager and ran I used to limp slot, later on in my 20s I went to the doctor and the doctor decided there was nothing wrong with my my late 40s I went to the GP a different GP and I thought I broke my foot anyway they x-rayed my foot and it came back that I...

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