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I used monistat 1 about 2 months and I had an allergic reaction. I went to my doctor and she told me to just take allergy medicine to make it heal. 2 months later... I still swell up every single time after my husband and I have sex. It has ruined our sex life. At this point I have no appeal for sex. Its painful and I want to fix this problem. Worst of all i've started to fear this could be permant. Does anyone know my cure or experienced my pain? I'm cursed by using this "antidote". An ice pack shouldn't be a included part to a regular sex routine.


This stuff is well known for terrible reactions in women including intense, immediate burning and itching. 


One thing that worked for me (after I too had a horrible reaction) was to soak a tampon in water with a little bit of vinegar in it.  I left the tampon in place for about 15 minutes and the burning seemed to subside.  I am NOT a doctor though.  It just worked for me.